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I got checked Complete Blood Count around 1.5 months back. My DLC % is 50% Neutrophis. 46% Lymphocytes and rest other. Absolute WBC is 7200. So, doctor did not noticed it at all. Even after repeated saying of me, he did not noticed and even suggested me to not to look for internet.

I was having pain in my upper right chest, Abdoman, Shoulder for around and year.During last 1 yesa I had 2 abdoman ultrasound. In both the diagnosis was fatty and enlarged liver (17 CM) and also FAT is Pancreas. Also I was diagnozed
for a pinched nerve in backbone. Doctor guessed the pain was due to this only.

Doctor is treating me for Fatty/Enlarged Liver, High Uric Acid (which I have for 2 years around) and high cholestrol. I an getting Ayurvedic Treatment (not allopathic). Ayurved is a treatment of ancient Indian knowledge. Also I have started yoga and feeling very very relaxed. I am over weight and trying to reduce weight and has reduced 3 KG in 2-3 months with efforts.

Presently, I am feeling much better. Almost 95% of my pain is gone.


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