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Please I'm so scared right now. I'm 35 and for over 2 years now I've been having frequent nose bleeds which are intense at certain periods and later stop. About eight months ago, I started feeling an upper right abdominal discomfort in addition to an abdominal fullness. I also have frequent diahrrea and occasional spasms almost all over my body. I have also been generally feeling ill with aches in my joints, some pain iwhich I suppose are in my bones and occasional headaches. Just 2 weeks ago, I started noticing some blood spots under the skin of my arms. I also notice that my injuries take a long time to heal. I have seen an ENT, done a CT Scan of my head,, abdomen and pelvis which all came out fine. I also did two Liver Function Tests, an ESR and two Complete Blood Count tests. The tests are all okay but the LFT showed my direct bilirubin was slightly elevated; the first CBC showed my RDW was slightly elevated, the MCHC was slightly low and the Monocytes was very high at 16.9% (upper limit of normal range is 10%). In the second CBC test about a month after, all tests were normal but the lymphocytes were slightly low. I have also done bleeding tests as well as a Coagulation Profile which shows my blood doesn't clot easily. I also have had painless nodes under my jaw which have never increased in size in the last 3yrs. I once had a dark patch over my left eyelid for close to a year but it disappeared last year. I am very worried right now and do not know what to expect as most of my symptoms seem to indicate leukemia. Could this be leukemia? Someone please help

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