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hi, I really really need some advise for my 4 year old

she has for the last 6 months suffered from chicken pox, really bad cold, 3 UTI's (e coli) and 2 bouts of tonsilitus, and in between has the same symptons approx every 3 weeks were her temp spikes, she is unwell for 2/3 days, goes off food and sleeps alot, then is fine for about 3 weeks then it happens again!

I have been in and out of the docs till i am blue in the face but the last few bouts her temp has got really high (39oc+) she crys all the time i the night with tummy ache, complains of headaches, is really tired, pale, and conplains of headaches and at the last fever spike kept saying her leg was hurting!

I finally got the doc to do blood tests on thur of last week and got a phone call the next day to say she was anemic and had low white blood cell count and neutrophil count. Also that if her temp spiked to take her straight to hospital!

she is already under a consultant due to the repeated uti's and the docs faxed the results straight over to him on friday, I asked what they were going to do about the anemia and they told me her consultant would deal with it! is this normal as our gp should be able to treat this?

please please, any advise or thoughts greatly appriciated as I am very worried about her

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