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Hello everyone, I'm a 23y.o. female, up until this year was pretty healthy, athletic etc.
June 2011 I started feeling fatigued, people commented I looked pale & I developed a skin rash, cough, shortness of breath & fever. Blood tests revealed no infection, normal WBC but that my Hemoglobin & Hematocrit was low. Chest CT was normal, lungs clear. A week later my bloodwork showed low WBC, low lymphocytes & low neutrophils, and again low Hgb & Hct. I continued to feel crappy, and got referred to a specialist.
Aug. 2011 I developed horrible headaches, found random bruises all over my body, started losing my appetite and developed low back pain. I was put on 1wk Prednisone, some symptoms improved a little & my blood counts came back to normal.
Sept. 2011 Blood counts are now back down again & getting lower. WBC, neutrophils, Hgb, Hct. My iron stores/ferritin is also checked & found to be virtually non-existant it's so low.
Oct. 2011 Finally saw the specialist, who palpated my abdomen and believed he could feel that my spleen was enlarged. I am still running a fever 4 months after all this has started.
- I am getting bloodwork redone in 3 weeks, and if my counts are still down they are going to do a bone-marrow. I am wondering if anyone has any insight into this? For those who have/had leukemia what your symptoms were leading up to diagnosis? I am ironically an oncology/palliative nurse myself and being in this field makes things a little difficult as everyday I see cancer, whereas I don't see what the other possibilities of my symptoms may be. Or if anyone has words of wisdom or suggestions while I wait out this course...
Thanks, muchly appreciated!

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