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Hi, My name is Amber, and I'm new to this particular board.

My son is 15 months old. About 2 weeks before he turned one, he suddenly came down with what they think was a 'viral infection'. One minute he was perfectly fine, the next minute, he was completely covered in a rash from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. I've never seen anything like it. The pediatrician wanted to see him, so we took him in that afternoon. The doctor said it didn't look like heat rash, or allergic/contact rash, but to take him home, give him some benadyl just in case, and to bring him back the next morning if it wasn't gone, or he got worse. That night, he spiked a fever, so we took him back. By the time we got to the doctors, he had the rash, the fever, his oxygen was low, and he started vomiting while there. The doc tested him for Scarlet fever, which came back negative. He was given a breathing treatment, which seemed to help, so he was sent home. The next day, which was Friday, he had the same symptoms still. Between the two days of symptoms, he went from 16.8 lbs, to 14.8 lbs. Scarlet fever came back negative again, influenza, rsv also came back negative. Saturday, he woke up fever...nothing. Sunday, he woke up with a fever again. He slept most the day. When he finally woke up, I sat him down, and went to get him some pedialyte. A few seconds later, he collapsed. His little body was limp, he couldn't pick his head up, he was drooling all over, his pupils were non-reactive, he was a grey color. He was rushed to the hospital, and spent three days there. They couldn't figure it out, and eventually sent him home with a 'viral infection' diagnosis. Since then, about once a week, he will very suddenly spike random fevers. He can be 98 one minute, and 106 the next. In the beginning, we attributed it to him maybe coming down with something, but nothing ever came from it. Just the fevers. They started checking his labs again, and in the beginning, nothing was abnormal. Then in September, his wbc droppe, is platelets rose, he was anemic, and his spleen was enlarged. They then sent him to a pediatric infectious disease doctor in another state. During that doctors evalution, she noticed his liver and spleen were pretty enlarged, and he had an unusually high number of enlarged lymph nodes throughout his body. She ordered a ton of tests to be done...mostly blood work. The labs didn't really show anything different...his wbc was down lower, and his platelets were higher. Mono, CMV, and Brucella all came back negative. His lymphocytes were high, and a couple other things, but nothing that gave us any sure way to go. Now he's being referred to a pediatric oncologist, and see's her on Tuesday, and then a bone marrow biopsy will 'possibly' be ordered to rule out/diagnose leukemia or other blood diseases. He was getting the fevers once a week. But in the last 12 days, he's had 8 days of fevers. He was back in the hospital today, and again...they're clueless as to what's causing it.

We are worn out. We're exhausted, physically and emotionally. We're so worried about him. Part of me wants to believe its' nothing too bad, but my gut is telling me different. I know my baby...and I know something isn't right. I'm just praying for the best outcome.

If anyone here can chime in...either from experience, or suggestions on what this could be...I would greatly appreciate it. Has anyone ever had anything like this?

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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