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Our 2 year old has something very odd going on. Everything we can find is pointing a very large finger towards Leukemia but with it being the holiday period we are stuck waiting for the labs to reopen to get more results. :(

She suffers from a condition called Ketotic Hypoglycemia, so has hypoglycemic episodes when she gets vomiting or viral bugs.

At the beginning of Dec she picked up a nasty vomiting bug from her big sister and she was admitted to hospital (she has to go on a dextrose drip to keep her blood sugsr up). However, for some reason she didn't pick up like she/children normally do. They tested her urine and found she had vv high protein and began antibiotics for Bacterial menegitis. However, within 24 hrs she seemed to be on the mend and the blood culture hadn't grown anything so they just said it must have been a virus and as she was now on the mend we could go home.

After discharge she just never really picked up, very fractious, odd random high temperatures, complaining of tummy aches (upper right just below her ribs) and constantly saying she was thirsty. I took her back to GP who just said she was run down but get a urine sample if we can. The next morning she wouldn't wake up and seemed hypo and when we tested her she had a blood glucose of 1.9 (uk system) when normal should be 5-7. We then treated the hypo, assumed a urine infection and took the urine sample to the GP. He dipped it and it recorded ++protein. He said to get another sample and take it back in later that day. We did this and again it tested as ++protein so the GP began our daughter on antibiotics for an infection and sent the sample off to see what it would grow. the results came back 48 hrs later, no infection!! (as it had now 14 days before in hospital) The WBC was 829 (829000) normal should be between 6 and 11.5 for her age. also her protein/creatinine ratio was 24.8 and should be below 13.

We then hit the holidays and the GP has said he is v v concerned and any sign her blood sugars aren't stable or her temp spikes then she must go straight to hospital. This hasn't happened. She continued her antibiotics just incase it was just a massive massive infection that had been missed (twice). Tomorrow we need to take another urine sample and are just hoping that the WBC has dropped. Our GP is on leave until 3rd Jan when we have an appointment to discuss where we go next.

We are worried sick and all the info we can find at best points to a huge missed kidney infection (that hasn't grown on 2 occasions) that has now caused damage to her kidneys (leaking proteins and high ratio) or Leukemia with such a high WBC and kidney issues.

Since Sept she has had an almost constant runny nose and cough and generally not been herself. She is normally quite dark skinned but appears much paler and has big dark rings under her eyes. She has no signs of bruising anymore than normal. but does seem to be struggling with abdo pain under her ribs on the right side.

Has anyone else seen such high results before? If it is Leukemia, with such a high WBC all i can find indicates she has it bad!

Can anyone offer any advice at all???????

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