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Over the past 5 months I lost around 20 lbs unitentionally.

6 months ago, my WBC count was okay but my Neutrophils came up high 7.2 (range 2.6-5.8). The doctor didn't seem to think it was a big deal.

3 weeks ago my blood work was worse:

WBC 14.2 (range 3.6-10.9)
Neutrophils 11.7 (range 2.6-5.8)

They also did a slide review that says (these are all bad things I guess?)
WBC count increased
Denegerative WBC rare
Poikilocytosis 1+
Anisocytosis 1+
Creanated RBC 1+
Ovalcytes 1+

My Rheumatologist is the doctor that ordered the blood work. She repeated the blood work 2 weeks after the above results and told me on the phone yesterday that the WBC count went down to 12.9 (I don't know the other results). She seems to think it's not a big deal. She says that it's probably just some kind of virus or something. She said we'll wait a month and repeat the blood work and then if it's still bad she'll send me to a Hematologist.

My husband doesn't think I should wait the month. He thinks I should go right away because of the weight loss and the abnormal blood work. What do you all think? And does anybody know if those things in the slide review are linked to Leukemia?

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