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Hello, I just wondered if a WBC of 14 is a big deal? My platelets tend to run 117K-150k so not too bad.

However recently, in the last few months I have been developing petechiae that is accompanied by increased fatigue and I currently have it right now. The question is - is it truly petechiae? Dr checked it out and seemed concerned but wasn't sure what to do. He said my latest WBC draw was 10.5 which was one day before the rash appeared last week. The deep red spots that do not blanche started fading after a couple of days.

Until tonight. It suddenly reappeared on my right arm again. Almost a trail of them down my arm in patches.

Leukemia is my worst fear because my paternal grandmother and great grandmother died in their 50s of acute Leukemia.

I mentioned my worries to the Dr and was expecting him to laugh and be rude but instead stood up and started checking my lymph nodes and then ordered a CBC differential but said he thinks this is some sort of inflammatory issue since joint pain is also associated...And then asked me if I have shortness if breath and I admitted I am a smoker (although plan to quit this week- I've had enough) but have had increased shortness of breath recently...and I have
been sweating a lot more recently.

Is there a rash that looks like petechiae but isn't? These are patches of pinprick sized red spots that spread all over my hand/hands and trail up my arms in patches.

Can anyone give me some peace of mind and just tell me this sounds nothing
like leukemia?

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