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-So starting in November/December 2011, I started getting fevers (ranging from 99.6-102.0) on a daily basis. Since then, I haven't had many days when I did not have a fever. I'll have one any time during the day but they seem to get worse at night. I also have night sweats that soak my sheets.
-The fevers are accompanied by a general feeling of weakness and I am extremely tired all the time, even though I sleep about 12-13 hours a night with a nap during the day. I tire very easily and the fevers seem to get worse with very light physical activity (such as taking a walk or even going to the store)
-I haven't had much of an appetite in a very long time and I often experience nausea. I've learned to eat through it, though. About a month ago, I suddenly started losing weight unintentionally. In the course of about three weeks, I lost 20 lbs. (136 to 116)
-In December and January, I was getting severe headaches that would last for days. They stopped up until a couple of weeks ago.
-My gums bleed every time I brush my teeth and there is a small amount of blood in my stools. I also have countless, unexplained bruises all over my legs. And I've caught costochondritis and I get colds easily.
-My joints and muscles(back and neck, too) ache a lot and recently, I have been waking during the night due to the pain in my lower legs/ankles.
-I have seen my doctor several times, who has ordered quite a few blood/urine tests, all of which come back normal. But, a year ago, I got an abdominal ultrasound and we discovered that my liver is(maybe was?) enlarged. At that time, my doctor didn't take any action because I wasn't experiencing any symptoms of an illness. Now, I have a lot of discomfort beneath each rib and it is very tender to touch. The lymph nodes in my neck have been slightly enlarged for months.
-So far, I have gotten a head CT, chest x-ray, EKG, and the blood/urine tests. Everything has come back normal.
-Sorry for the HUGE post but my doctor said he can't figure out what is wrong with me and we are just waiting(for what, I honestly don't know). I am out of school because I don't feel well enough to be out all day so I meet teachers at the library, on my own, 5 hours a week. Please share what your opinions are. I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much for reading my post!

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