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I'm twenty-two and recently had another high white blood cell count. I had been feeling really sick for a long time--tired, bone plain, headaches, blurry vision, stomach pain, blood in stool (i do have crohn's disease but this is a bit different), out of breath and so much more. so i had a routine visit at the doctor and my wbc was 14.5 i went to the er a few days later feeling even worse but it went down to 9.5

I ended up going online and looked at my results from my entire life.

When I was born it was 14. the lowest it has ever been was in 2004 at a 5.5. but other than that it's always been over an 8. mainly 13s, maybe more 14s. a few 7s.

it could be just from my crohn's, i think but i've been in remission.

two times ago, for a blood test, it was 18.
not sure if i said that.

i am going back to the dr in three months.

my symptoms, as i said above also include bruising way too easily but then again, i am a pale person.

I'm just not sure. I did have a weird tiny bump in my lower belly that hurt like a bruise when touched.

I just need some advice--that until i go back to the doctor in three months.

Oh, I also have a mole that has grown rapidly on my back--which is weird because i don't think that has anything to do with leukemia. maybe i'm just going insane.

also, my vitamin D showed up really low on my blood tests but I don't know if that has to do with anything.

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