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Thank you for your reply, I was able to find out more of the situation. She had a very enlarged spleen and it was removed back in the beginning of May.
All prior blood work, blood test, bone marrow biopsy turned out negative. They removed the spleen and everything has been fine. 3 weeks after her spleen was removed, they noticed the white blood count a little low, so that is then they did further test and she was diagnosed with CMML. But it is in the very early early stages, so early that the Dr. does not want to do anything about it yet because her blood is still getting back to normal and regulated after the surgery. Her platelet count is almost perfect and the Dr said that her blood results have been improving after each test, I believe they were doing them weekly. So my question is, and I've been googling like crazy, would it be possible that if the spleen is removed it put her in some type of remission. Because the Dr. said her spleen was eating up everything, and now that it is no longer there, her body is now in the recooperating phase, meaning that her blood levels are now adjusting and he wants to see what her body will do on its own. She has no symptoms and "knock on wood" is doing fine. He said if and when the time comes, since this is a very slow moving disease, he will adminster treatment or dacogen I believe is what she said. Is that normal for the body to somewhat correct itself after a spleen is removed? Now mind you this spleen was 16 cm long and approximately 7-8 lbs. It was enormous. My mom is 72, she said she isn't worried and has faith in her Dr, but I am the worrier I suppose.

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