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Hi im new here.

Could anyone help please my happy, resilient two year old has been in and out of doctors surgery, hospital and emergency doctor more in the last six months than me, my seven year old and husband put together over a year period.

Selected c-section no problems. Slight jaundice few days later no Medical help needed Just a bit of sun light and extra feeding. Breastt fed o known illnesses or allergies. About a year ago my little Man started to become unwell quite often this got more often everything and anything he would catch as he has quite a high pain threshold (confirmed by a great gp who unfortunately has retired, concluded after seeing him with glue ear both sides One ready to pop one pooped nite before which is why I took him He had a bad nite crying and temp and had flemy stuff coming out.) Doctor saw him with temp of 39 and he was still laughing and playing.

Anyways last six months been nightmare he sick most of the time colds,stomach bugs, ear throat infections, chicken pox, mumps ect. (Up to date with all vaccinations) he doesnt show signs until he very unwell. Usually high temp ect. He was admitted to hospital Jan 2012 with temp of over 40, petechia rash and swollen glands and this was after Taking him to doctors the previous two days to be told he has a virus. He was tachichardic Low oxygen Levels, tested for meningitis negative conclusion tonsilitis Sent home after 2days with medicine. Same pattern follows unwell most times but doctors keep diagnosing virus
In march he was unwell and woke up with temp and rash. Emergency doctor came sent us straight to a&e heart rate too high and swallow breathing. We got their they gave him more calpol and he was happy playin obs were bad heart rate 173 and oxygen 92 done chest x-rays which showed hazy patches on lungs so doctor said yes you guessed it virus I was not happy her explanation his obs due to temp but then I pointed out that he had a normalt temp now and it was 4 am and he was sleeping so no reason for obs to be that high she said your son is not sick he has a virus and that is why. I Questioned further how she could tell that with only an x-ray she said their was nothing else she can do because he is fine and we should go home she said she wasnt going to give him anything because it a virus I finally managed to get her to do blood test which she happily informed me showed virus. And sent us home 6 am. At 8 am im at my gp surgery his still breathing very fast and shallow gp sents us to a&e so we go different hospital. His given pumps and antibiotics. Unwell periods continue everytime I tell doctors they say its age and he building up immunity.
3 weeks ago he diagnosed with mumps . 6 days later he develops petechia rash but temp 37.6 I go gp She Sends us straight to hospital. Doctors do bloods straight away for meningitis ect I cry to the doctor to please help after describing all in the last year doctors understanding she comes back and tells me its not meningitis but his bloods show high wbc especially Lymphocytes 20.8. She gives antibiotics for neutrophils that show bacteria and tells us labs running further tests and this could be due to mumps but to repeat bloods in a week. Lab results in cells Look healthy and reactive.
Yesterday his temp goes back up, rash still present taking a long time to fade temp been on off since mumps but low grade, he lost weight appetite returned but he rarely finishes a meal at moment, he has lots of rest periods where he just sits and watches tv, he doesnt want to get up in morning, is clingy and tearful which his never been before, at night he sweats like he has just come out of bath but his temp drops to as low as 35.4, his pale. They done bloods again last nite and its still high 8.1 but dropped from last week, lab film test says Rbc show slight hypochromia, red cell width distribution high, erythrocyte sedimentation rate high 17. I dont know what half these things mean but consultant this morning told Me Its not Leukimia and its just side effect of mumps, his glands in his neck are still up and this chest x-rays compared to marchs is Looking more hazy. He has been given antibiotics and is going to be seen in a weeks time or so to be evaluated. The nurse i sat up talking to all nite saw my distress and when we were Leaving gave me a print of his blood results I thought it was just so i could see them at home but when looking at them it has 4 different tests Jan, march, last week and yesterdays Lymphocytes High in 3 last tests Jan ok 3.4, march5.4, last week 20.8 yesterday 8.1. And monocytes high in all crp bio also High in all. I think the nurse was trying to help but i dont know what to do now. All doctors keep saying to me is if he was really unwell than He would not be as happy and active as he is. Also according to doctor he does not have a fever until its 38 but his normal body temp is lower end of 36.
Im so sorry for the long essay but the doctors wont listen and im lost for what to do or believe can anyone help. Thank you a very worried mummy.

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