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I had a blood test done 5/3/12 and everything came back normal.
WBC 6.3
RBC 4.15
Hgb 12.9
Hem 38.9
MCV 94
RBC, RDW 12.4
platelets 203

white blood cell differential automated

Neutrophils % 52
Lymphocytes % 37

I have been complaining since before then of horrible full body restlessness causing issues with sleep, fatigue, and weight loss.

I went back to my doctor on 8/9/12 but my symptoms are getting worse. I have pain in my upper left quadrant and my spine at that same level, extreme bouts of weakness, sleeping a lot 12+ hours a night, when I do sleep I am restless so bad it makes me crazy. I am on 1mg of Clonopin and it doesn't touch it, and easily dehydrated. My blood pressure is normally low, but it is really really low 70's/80's systolic. I feel worse in the morning after breakfast, weak midday and can't fall asleep at night even though I am exhausted. I am very active, but when I am I have to take twice the time to recover. I have no motivation to do anything and feel lightheaded when I get up. the pain in my midback is horrible (on my spine hurts when I move forward or back or touched)
My doctor did another bout of testing and it came back

WBC 6.0
RBC 4.14
Hgb 12.7
Hem 39.0
MCV 94
Platelets 248

My White blood Cell Differential automated came back disturbing

Neutrophils % 33
Lymphocytes % 56
Monos % 7
Eosinophils % 4
Basophils % 1
Neutrophils auto count 2.0

I am concerned about this, I have been tested for mono and it is negative. Is this something I should be worried about, and what should I ask my doctor.

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