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Ok my son has just been kind tired lately. He also has been complaining about a tummy ache... now we found out the tummy ache is comming from his kidney area so far kidney function is fine but he has some scare lab results from a cbc. Can anyone help see if it is Leukemia. my Nurse practioner is not doing anything i ask and is takeing her sweet tiem with this. I just need help decifiring this. I am just freakingout a lot. anything will help.

his normal
wbc 6.9 4.04-12.0
rbc low 3.4 04.7-6.1
hgb low 10.1 11.5-14.5
hct low 29.6 33-43
mcv 87.1 76-90
mch 29.6 27-31
rdw 12.5 1.5-14.5
plt ct 297 150-450
mpv low 6.3 7.4-10.4
grans 46.9 32-55
lymphs 47.7 28-52
monos 5.4 1.7-9.3

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