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My mother die of ALL a few years ago she was 53 when got diagnosed and she live for 6 months after diagnosed. Nobody else on my family never ever had any type of cancer or leukemia, but my mother was the first one to have this disease. She suffer all her life from anemia without reason *low RB, hematocrit, etc* also she was an active smoker *2 cigarrete's daily* .

Me and my other 3 siblings also suffer without reason all of our life from anemia too *like my mother* I have to be on permanent iron pills to keep up my iron in blood.

I have been having several CBC test since 2 years, everything appears normal and in range except, that I always have mild granulocyte cells floating around, and suppodsely in normal healthy people granulocyte should not appear on CBC test. My wbc counts are always on normal range (most of the time between 5.0 and 7.5) mon, neut, lymp, are most of the time normal too...but the reason of having always mild granulocyte appearing on all my CBC test keeps me thinking that I will develop ALL like my mother, and since for me Leukemia and anemia do have some sort of relation *I have heard ppl that develop leukemia after few years of suffering without reason of anemia*

I don't smoke, but I,m always scared to have CBC test and find out that I may have Leukemia in part from suffering all my life of anemia and from my mother genetics.

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