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Please read...
Sep 20, 2012
I posted on the mono board and lymphoma board.

Ok so I have had a fever (99.1-99.6) for a couple weeks now. I didn't really notice it until very recently. Then I got a mild sore throat that I kicked in a couple days. No biggy. Then I started to drop weight. I dropped about 9lbs in a week or less. (now, granted, I wasn't eating as much due to being anxious) but still dropped weight.

So I went to the ER and they did a mono-spot test which came up positive.

My liver enzymes were VERY high (6x the amount it should be) and my alkaline phosphotase was elevated too...

I also just found out that some blood work I got done for another office a week ago that my liver was elevated but not as badly as 3 days ago (when I went to the ER)

Anyhow--I read that a mono-spot test could come up as a false-positive if you actually have leukemia or lymphoma.

What are the chances for that? Do my symptoms mimic leukemia? I just had my first child and I am so scared that I have something bad :-(

so- fever, weight loss, and yes, I am tired...liver enzymes (also they spotted a fatty liver)

I'm waiting on my CBC results...just so scared!! So with the positive mono-spot test is it likely that it is in fact mono? (at 30 years old???)

Thanks a bunch
Re: Please read...
Sep 20, 2012
There are things that can cause false positive mono test results, but you describe the typical symptoms of mono, with low grade fever, sore throat and fatigue, and elevated liver enzymes. Since your liver enzymes are so high, perhaps you should ask to have a hepatitis blood test, as that is one of the things that can cause false positive monospot. Just a suggestion to be thorough. Leukemia and lymphoma does not cause a sore throat, so I think you can relax about that. Your CBC results will be helpful to confirm a viral infection, but mono and hepatitis will cause similar CBC results. Any known exposure to hepatitis or foreign travel, unprotected sex, etc?

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