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Please read...
Sep 20, 2012
I posted on the mono board and lymphoma board.

Ok so I have had a fever (99.1-99.6) for a couple weeks now. I didn't really notice it until very recently. Then I got a mild sore throat that I kicked in a couple days. No biggy. Then I started to drop weight. I dropped about 9lbs in a week or less. (now, granted, I wasn't eating as much due to being anxious) but still dropped weight.

So I went to the ER and they did a mono-spot test which came up positive.

My liver enzymes were VERY high (6x the amount it should be) and my alkaline phosphotase was elevated too...

I also just found out that some blood work I got done for another office a week ago that my liver was elevated but not as badly as 3 days ago (when I went to the ER)

Anyhow--I read that a mono-spot test could come up as a false-positive if you actually have leukemia or lymphoma.

What are the chances for that? Do my symptoms mimic leukemia? I just had my first child and I am so scared that I have something bad :-(

so- fever, weight loss, and yes, I am tired...liver enzymes (also they spotted a fatty liver)

I'm waiting on my CBC results...just so scared!! So with the positive mono-spot test is it likely that it is in fact mono? (at 30 years old???)

Thanks a bunch

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