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Hi all,

I have just had a new cbc (blood work) and again my white blood cell count is elevated (16000). Over the last 6 years every time my white blood count is tested it ranges from 14000 - 20000.

Also, my Granulocytes have been increasing. last year was at 9 and now at 10.0. the other negative thing on my CBC was that my vitamin D level is slightly low at 26.

I have no signs of infection or pain. I am however consistently tired. My doctor ordered a smear and I gave more blood today.

I was hoping to find out possible conditions that would cause ongoing high WBC and also is there any side effects from it being high for such a long time? Also, what do the high Granulocytes mean in correlation with the high WBC? What could this be lol?

I am concerned because my father had CML. But Gleevac saved him.

Thanks for your help,

Andrew, have you seen a hematologist yet? If not, I think it is time. Something is making your bone marrow produce too many WBCs of the granulocyte type, and your WBC count is not just borderline high if it is getting up to 20,000. A hematologist will get to the bottom of this so whatever it is, you can be treated instead of just watched. Granulocytes are the type of white cell that counteracts bacterial infections. It is balanced out by lymphocytes in an approx 60/40 ratio. Leukemia is one possibility, but a hidden abcess in your body could do the same. Usually that would be accompanied by fever and some localized pain, but not always. Please see a hematologist for a thorough work-up of this. Observing it isn't appropriate at this stage.

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