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So over the past...7-9 Months I have been going through somethings...I am currently awaiting test results pertaining to my blood count because I have petechiae, bleeding gums, Nausea every day, extreme fatigue,dizziness, night sweats, and muscle weakness. Hopefully my results come back normal but heres somethings that I recently read (because I never have researched this before now and I!)

So I never knew that shaking (having a tremor) May related cancer. I know I have been sick but I didnt think it could have anything to do with leukemia! I shake in my hands and in other parts of my body ( I always attributed it to muscle weakness)

Lower Leg Itching!!! For the past 6 months before I ever got the petechiae I have been scratching and scratching my lower bad sometimes they bleed. They just itch so incredibly bad! They are not dry or anything...they just have been itching...THATS A SYMPTOM!!!!?? ..hmmm

FEELING FULL!!! I noticed that I started feeling full after I ate only a small amount most the time. I thought my stomach was just suddenly shrinking. Only a small amount will make me feel full, (Im petite) But Ive always ate alot. Higher metabolism I guess.

My doctor tested my thyroid when I came to him for is currently fine..I dont know if its likely that I have leukemia but I find it crazy that I have some of symptoms that have been driving me nuts and I didnt even know they were a sign of illness! I dont know much of anything about leukemia but it would be nice to be on a road of recovery instead of feeling unwell all the time.

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