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I'm writing to get advice regarding symptoms my husband has been having. Several years ago he started feeling achey and tired, almost like it was the flu, but when he went to the dr. he was just told he has Epstein Barr virus and it could come and go like this over the years. Nothing to worry about he said. The dr. was right for the fact that over the years, he would have bouts of 2-3 days when he would feel really tired and achey and then be fine. This would happen every few months or sometimes go a year or more in between. More recently over the past several months it's been happening more frequently along with sore throats, sometimes a fever (not often), night sweats (some nights), and now joint pain (mostly neck and shoulders, but it moves around to other places). One night he was so sick he went to the ER. WBC was at 17,000. Dr. recommended he see a rheumatologist because of the joint pain. He was then tested for lupus, lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. and all were negative. By this time (just a few days after the ER), his WBC was down to 12,500. A few days later he went to the hematologist and WBC was back to normal at 8,500. 2 weeks later WBC was back up to 20,000 then a week or so later it was back down to 13,000. It's all over the place, but it seems to coincide with the times he's feeling worst. Most days his energy level is fine, he just has the joint pain (says he feels 95, but he's only 37!) Cat scan came back negative (his spleen was borderline enlarged and a shadow on his lung). Bone marrow test shows no acute leukemia, or chronic leukemia. Still waiting for more test results for myeloproliferative disorders. Dr. says we may just have to wait and see. I hate that answer because it means we're waiting for something bad to develop and what if it's too late. I've also heard lyme disease can be misdiagnosed at first. (He has no sign or recollection of a tick bite.)

Has anyone experienced or know anyone who has experienced a similar situation? Please help!

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