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I'm a teen female who has been noticing many minor changes in the past few months. At first I thought they were all unimportant details. Then, I read that I have many symptoms of leukemia.

I have..
* Clusters of tiny, pinpoint sized red dots (possibly petechiae?)
* Random bruises on thighs & calves (some small & painless, some large and extremely sore)
* Joint pain on bend of elbows
* Symptoms that go along with anemia (Lightheadedness upon standing, dizziness)
* Mild headaches that last hours (I've never had a headache before this past week & now I have them every day)
*Sore muscles (Calves, right now) after no increase in exercise
* Had different pains for about a month that I could only describe as in my bone, but I thought that sounded silly..
* On and off for about a month, I felt strong pressure in my stomach. It felt so full and bloated that it was uncomfortable and almost painful. It didn't go away after using the restroom.

* A few months ago I was treated for a UTI. The doctor's office called back saying they found unusual amounts of blood in my urine and to come back. We thought they just messed up, as they seem to frequently, so we didn't return.

* I tried a new workout program called Insanity. After the first day, a strenuous 25 minute work out, I felt more than sore. A few months ago, I ran 3+ miles a day. Therefore, I don't think that work out should have hurt me as badly as it did..especially since over half of it is warm up/cool down. For the next week I could hardly walk. There was constant pain in the joints behind my knees.

A lot of these symptoms lead me to believe that I may have Leukemia. What kind of appointment do I need to make with a doctor? A blood test?

Thank you for your time.

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