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i have a long drawn out three months with 20 days of hospitalization which all started when i had a syncope episode. after a ton of tests and many puzzled doctors, i was finally given a "likely" diagnosis of a seronegative autoimmune disease. not even my rhumatologists agree with the diagnosis. for the last six weeks i have been taking numerous medications based on the diagnosis and just had my blood drawn again. the results led me to think, could this be cml?

so, to explain the tests, back in september, after i fainted, i had a high wbc (17), high sed rate 75, high crp 8, and was in terrible joint pain. i was also experiencing sweating attacks during the day and night sweats without a fever. i am not pre menopause. docs knew something was wrong, but heart tests, lung tests, neuro tests, etc all came back fine.

as they continued to check my blood work, my wbc went down a bit to 15, then 13, then 11, back up to 13, etc. i was put on an antibiotic, but my wbc stayed slightly elevated. my sed rate and crp also remained elevated.

about 7 weeks ago i was put on prednisone, sulfasalazine, and other meds for the supposed autoimmune issue, because they couldnt figure what else could be wrong with me.

this week i had my blood drawn again and my wbc is back up to 17, my sed rates and crp rates are higher then when i started the meds. i am still fatigued, still have joint pain, and still have sweating attacks.

i realize my wbc isnt as high as most people who get diagnosed. could someone hace cml with just a slightly elevated wbc? also, my neutrophils are high and my leukocyte percentage is very low at 10%.


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