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For the last couple of years I've went through a lot of health issues. I am constantly sick. Before having my tonsils removed about 5 months ago, my doctor couldn't decide why I was sick so often, she thought it was mono or strep (even though I had those before) so she did a CBC. Mono came back negative, but she made a side note that my leukocytes were very high. I didn't think much of it, I figured they'd go to normal after my tonsillectomy. But as I went into a physical for a new job about 3 months after my surgery, the nurse was checking all the stuff in my urine and commented that my leukocytes were high. I was shocked! She told me to talk to my doctor. Well perfect timing because I was getting cold/flu like problems and had to see my doctor anyway. I explained everything, and she did a CBC to check mono AGAIN!! (stupid, I thought) It came back negative, and I received amoxicillin and haven't heard from her since. I just feel like I'm getting looked past. I guess my main question is.... If there is something, like leukemia, would it be obviously seen in my CBC's? Would she know to see something abnormal about my blood to look into diseases further more? I don't understand why she is ignoring my high WBC? My doctor just says I am more prone to infections. I get sick and she just labels it as a bacterial infection. For as long as I can remember, I've always been tired. I look tired, my skin gets pale. I bruise so easily, always have. I usually have low iron. My family says I am paranoid and a hypochondriac. But I know how I feel and I never feel 100%... just a little off always. I have unknown stomach pains, recently they're in my left ribcage. I have bad back cramps, hip joints pop daily, 24 hr flus; with me its always something but I am so tired of it. I have looked into leukemia so many times and I just have this gut feeling, that I could very easily have it. I'm so scared to even mention it to my family or friends though, because I know that I could very easily NOT have it too.

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