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While I am not expert at reading labs, I do know a bit about blood work in general and what they show doctors. The lab will automatically highlight any labs that are not within the normal range. Depending on the combination of markers and the range of the ones that are not normal, your doctor can tell so many things about you. It is a wonderful tool we have available for early detection of any issues our doctors need to know.

When leukemia is present, your lab values would be alarmingly out of range. It would be very obvious to the trained eye, and your doctor would respond right away.

The fact that your labs came back "fine" you can be assured that your blood is well balanced and your immune system is healthy.

While the symptoms you describe can be experienced by those diagnosed with any cancer, they can also be attributed to many other medical causes. The labs have proven cancer is not at work on your body. I hope you can trust the results to be accurate, and can take comfort in being cancer free.

Now there are the symptoms you describe. Anything of concern on or under your skin should be examined by a dermatologist. The red spots you have will likely be easily explained. I encourage you to take each symptom separately and seek information about each. Many issues that happen at the same time can often be coincidence, which can fool us into thinking far beyond where we need to be.

Keeping hydrated, eating clean food, moving as much as you can, and having interesting things in your life to do seems so easy but it is so important...and it works.

if you feel you are having trouble managing your fears about health issues, told to your doctor, as our mental health is as important as our physical health, and can affect each other tremendously.

Did your doctor call you into to discuss your lab results to you personally? If not, you can ask for him to do that. That might really help provide a better understanding of the results.

Best of luck
What got you convinced you had leukemia to begin with? You are obviously still concerned about this. Leukemia causes drastic changes in white blood cell counts, with counts usually over 50,000, sometimes in the 200-300,000. Yours is 7500, quite normal. It also causes distortion in the neutrophils, lymphocyte counts and basophils, non of which you have. It can cause severe anemia, which you do not have. People feel terribly tired, look pale, get sick, feverish, etc, but you do not have leukemia! Talk to your Dr about your concerns. Maybe he/she can convince you to quit worrying about this.

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