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I have only posted one other time about my fear of a disease (colon cancer). Now I think I might have leukemia. When I went to urgent care about my abdominal pain they did a CBC on me. Here were the results:
WBC Count - 7.2 (4.0-10.5)
RBC Count - 4.65 (4.60-6.20)
Hemoglobin - 14.0 (14.0-18.0)
Hematocrit - 42.0 (40.0-54.0)
MCV - 90.3 (80.0-100.0)
MCH - 30.1 (27.0-32.0)
MCHC - 33.3 (32.0-36.0)
RDW - 12.2 (11.5-16.0)
Platelet Count - 230 (150-450)
MPV - 10.6* (7.4-10.4)
Neutrophil - 62.2 (43.0-71.0)
Lymphocyte - 25.7 (25.0-33.0)
Monocyte - 9.8* (5.0-9.0)
Eosinophil - 1.9 (0.0-5.0)
Basophil - 0.4 (0.0-2.0)
Absolute Neutrophil Count - 4478 (1700-7500)
Absolute Lymphocyte Count - 1850 (1000-3500)
Absolute Monocyte Count - 706 (200-900)
Absolute Eosinophil Count - 137 (0-500)
Absolute Basophil Count - 29 (<240)
Sorry this is long, but I'm scared about this because of the increased monocyte and increased MPV. Also my hemoglobin level is on the lower side. That blood test was taken 2 weeks ago. Also I noticed I have 2 small red dots on my chest under my skin. They have been there for as long as I can remember. I haven't noticed any frequent bruising at all, but I'm still scared. I have noticed though that I have had a cough for the last 1 to 2 weeks that comes and goes at times. I noticed it's kind of hoarse lately. I was told that you are prone to infections when you have leukemia. I'm just scared that the numbers have changed since then. I have had lower and mid back pain too. Also the other day at work I looked at my right forearm and noticed a small yellowish spot/blemish. That has since gone away. But I'm really scared that this is leukemia. Does it really sound like nothing is wrong with me? And what would my results have been like if I had leukemia? I've also had the abdominal pain. My weight has since returned to normal along with my appetite. But I have almost felt confused as well and been tired on and off since this whole thing started, which is why I'm afraid I'm anemic. Lastly, when the cough thing started, I would cough up really thick mucus.
I'm a 19 year old male...I know men are more prone to diseases. I also see a dime sized bruise on my right leg, with the leg pain. I'm worried that suddenly more will appear.

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