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I haven't been on HealthBoards in a while and for those who don't know me I got bit by a tick back in 2004 and got Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. I started having bone pain in my right femur just a few months following tick bite back in 2004. I was under a LLMD's care for several years and always attributed my bone pain to the tick bite or due to one of the co-infections I got with the tick bite.
The bone pain waxed and waned over the years but got really bad in 2008 exactly 5 weeks after an abdominal hernioplasty. It would feel like rats were gnawing on my femur and was excruciating, but yet everytime I would have blood work done I was told that everything was normal. I had skin manifestations or sores and was under the care of a group of infectious disease physicians but they could not figure out what the sores were so they sent me to a dermatologist.
The first dermatologist swabbed the sore on my eyelid but she found no bacteria or virus present and said that the sores were indicative of a nosocomial infection that I had most likely picked up during surgery since the sores appeared 4-5 weeks following the surgery. I was told to keep the lesions and skin plaques moist and was supposed to go back for a biopsy but there was some sort of scheduling issue on the clinic's behalf so I was then referred by the infectious disease group to see another dermatologist.
The new dermatologist was well aware of my medical history and past infections with Lyme (although it is chronic), Tularemia, RMSF, Ehrlichiosis, Babesia, Bartonella, and Epstein Barr Virus just to name a few. He scared the heck out of me and told me I had been given a lot of soft-filled answers and that I had a very serious problem. I was supposed to go back for a biopsy but ended up moving away from my husband and going through a divorce so I never got to have that much needed appointment.
My symtoms following the surgery were similar to those of Leukemia or Lymphoma and I had an awful lump in my right armpit. I kept getting skin sores and plaques above lymph nodes and especially on my neck, face, chest and back with a few sores on my arms. There are a few sores that have never gone away and they all resemble Leukemia Cutis. I have studied derm pictures for years but yet there are few really good close up pictures of Leukemia Cutis out there. Can someone please tell me more about LC? If you have it, what form of Leukemia have you been diagnosed with and what are the symptoms of your Leukemia Cutis?
The sore on my eye will flatten out if I keep it covered with a bandage but it never goes away. I usually cover it with the latex-free adhesive part of the bandage because if it gets too moist it really itches. If I don't cover it, it puffs up and dries out and peels slightly and acts like it is going to heal but it never does. It just continues to dry, peel, start to heal and just keeps going. If the lesions dry out they itch so badly that I want to scratch them to relieve the itch and that is bad. They hurt like burning mad if they get scratched or if the plastic-looking, wrinkled-looking puffy skin gets scratched or peeled off. That is when they turn red. The one on my scalp is now over an inch long and is sometimes shiny red until the new plastic-like weird skin covers the lesion. It will then dry out, get slight scales and itch. It is not as scaly as psoriasis.
Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me more about LC or lead me to some better pictures to look at than what you can find when doing an image search. What do you use to help keep the sores from hurting or itching? I won't be able to go back to a doctor to get things resolved for at least another month or so but I really need to...even if I am going to be told the worst. I am ready to take whatever the diagnosis is and can handle it. I have almost all the sypmtoms: bleeding gums, pinpoint petechiae, swollen glands, day sweats, night sweats, headaches, easy and unexplained bruising, fatigue and most recently I have been getting subconjunctival hemorrhages. I have had big ones at least three times in the last two months. It doesn't look good. Anyway, I am thinking that if I do have this it must be chronic instead of acute. Is chronic leukemia hard to diagnose without a skin biopsy or bone marrow biopsy? Anything anyone can tell me would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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