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Kyhu, I don't think this sounds like cancer, but it could be an autoimmune disorder. There are a few clues to that, and I wonder if you have had any tests for AI diseases. The cold sweats can happen as a result of inflammation. Do these happen during day or strictly at night? That is an important distinction. Also, do you have any fever that follows these? Worth checking with a thermometer. The right sided abdominal pain could be something like Crohn's, an inflammation in the bowel. It tends to come and go, and tests must be done while the pain is present. If you have copies of your lab results, could you check to see if a sed rate or CRP or ANA has been done? A low white count and high monocytes are frequently seen in autoimmune disorders like lupus. That causes inflammation and fatigue, and can cause abdominal pain from serous membrane inflammation. The sed rate, CRP and ANA should be done when the pain is present as well. Crohn's is likely to cause diarrhea, cramps, mucus or blood in stool, and is exacerbated by eating. Serous membrane inflammation is exacerbated more by movement like walking, jumping, jarring of the abdomen. I would ask for these tests if they have not been done yet.

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