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I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. My OB referred me to a hematologist/oncologist with an elevated WBC (16) just to look into it further and rule out anything major, as I had no symptoms of infection, etc. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for these results under extreme stress, but other than that I feel as good as to be expected at 32 weeks!

She called today with results - did a full blood workup on me and all tests came back negative, however the Flow Cytometry test for Leukemia came back with a .01%. I don't really know what that means. My doc doesn't have the best bedside manner and sort of refuses to explain this to me in depth. She said she would test my bone marrow if I weren't pregnant but since I am, we will just do another blood test. She said this could be a lab error, or a "slow brewing leukemia". I wonder if the fact that I am pregnant could have thrown this result off by such a small percentage?? Do all doctors even consider .01% to be something to look into further, or is she EXTRA cautious? Needless to say, I am pregnant and trying to enjoy my final weeks of pregnancy without this looming leukemia cloud. She wants me to come in and wait another two weeks for results.

Does anyone know about Flow Cytometry tests, what they scan for and what a .01% reading could mean?


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