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CBC results?

This is my first day on this board. I was Dx with Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia back in 2001. For the first five years after Dx my hematologist mainly checked the bloodwork, poked my lymph nodes, spleen and pumped me for gardening tips.

[QUOTE=Arkanian;5305055]Hi all thanks in advance for your replies, to make this flat out im very afraid and worried and my Anxiety is through the rough ive had to take my ativans everyday even though im not supposed to do. Im soooo afraid I have leukemia im 19 Ive been diagnosed with year round allergies(hay fever) and GAD (anxiety) here are the symptoms ive experienced over the last month
-nose bleeds(happen in shower for years)
-spit up blood in mucous(recently started but has happened in the past)
-irritated mucous membrane nose very raw and bloody and scabby healing now
-spleen discomfort, ran to ER and the doc felt around and said "I can feel it" "But its not swollen nor enlarged" so I dont know what this pressure is under my left rib cage it feels like bubbles popping at times but i know its not gas
-weariness and bloodrush upon standing
no appetite for about 4 weeks
-get rather hungry at night and in mid day so i guess it wouldnt be total loss of appetite
-had a bout of weakness that lasted forever but went away
-bone pain in my knee and ankles ( i play soccer and I skateboard)
-general feeling of unwell like im dying
-saw one bruise months ago that went away when i touched it (weird)
-swollen glands in neck that came with a sore throat that went away in two days with no meds, glands persisted for a few days and flare up every now and then
-glands in my left armpit
-groin nodes
Guys i Have an appointment in 10 days and I see it as a do or die like this is a defining moment in my life, Im so afraid of the results of the cbc because im going to demand one, the doc at the ER laughed when I said I think I have leukemia and just said we can do simple blood test now and you will know but I just ran out and scheduled to see my own doctor because I was not ready to get and bad news. Any input? thanks guys god bless[/QUOTE]

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