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[QUOTE=Nikila07;5315966]So back in 2008 my family doctor suspected I may have leukemia due to high white blood cells and frequent infections. He sent me to an oncologist who did really nothing and send me back to my family doctor telling me if the problem persists to come back to her. I stopped going to the doctors and just went on with my life up until about a month ago. I started seeing a new family doctor since I moved to a different city. He did a blood test and once again high white blood cells 14,000 so it's not super high but high enough for concern. I've had multiple issues lately with chest pain, bone pain, tired, nauseous, heavy bleeding. Blood in my urine.

The other day my doctor tells me that he's concerned that I have leukemia however doesn't want to send me to the hematologist before he gets all the reports from the oncologist (he only got one)

How hard was it for you to get diagnosed? I feel like I'm playing a waiting game and nothing is really being done. I was under the impression that leukemia patients have a very high wbc of over 100,000. Not just 14,000.
I'm just feeling a little confused. And not sure if I should be worried or not. I tried researching what a normal wbc for someone with leukemia would be and can't seem to find that information.[/QUOTE]

Hi, im in a similar place as you I had some blood work done 3 months ago and it came back as 14000 and 12 months before it was about 13000. Ive had monthly blood tests for the last couple of months and there always about 13000 - 14000. My doctor doesnt seem worried and dismisses cancer and says the differential is ok and the cell size was ok. Not sure what that means but they were not concerned. She did say that it could be I have naturally high wbc.
I would like to think if there was any chance of cancer they would mean move quicker but you never know. Keep thinking positive and try not to worry until you know

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