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Hello, I am looking for help with blood test results. My rheumatologist ordered the following tests:
Cbc with differential aside from WBC, Lymphs and Neutrophils shown below all results are within range
WBC 14.1 x10E/uL
Neutrophils Abs 9.4 x 10E3/uL
Lymphs Abs 3.6 x10E3/uL
Lyme, western blot serum IGG no positive bands igM present P39 andP23
CMP all within range
Hep panel neg
Vitamin D 22 mg/ml
Sjogren ab anti SS-A/ -SS-B <.2 Al
Rheumatoid arthritis factor 10.1UI/ml
HLA B 27 neg
RNP antibodies <.2 Al
Smith antibodies <.2 Al
Anti- ds DNA <1 IU/ml
t-Transglutaminase IgG IgA <2 U/dL
CCP antibodies IgG/IgA <2 U/ml
Uric acid serum 5.2 mg/dL
Sedimentation rate 8 mm/hr
Creating Kinase 33 U/L
Compliment C4 33 mg/dL
Aldolase 8.7 U/L
Compliment C3 163 mg/dL
C-reactive protein 21.4 mg/l
Antinuclear antibodies neg

When I went in to see rheumatologist, she suggested sending me to Oncology or Infectious Disease. The referral I recieved was from Infectious Disease, but will not be able to get in until next month. i don't think I can wait that long without scouring the Internet and self diagnosing. Can anyone help? Been sick for over a year and had an MI in June 2014.

Thank you

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