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... has a glitch that causes the white blood cells to attack the red blood cells or crowd them out so that eventually there are not enough red blood cells. ... (2 replies)
... Some people has very thin blood vessel in skin, therefore the blood vessel is very easy to be broken by blood pressure and make bruises. ... (3 replies)
... a which is taking a long time to heal. The orthopedic thought he saw a tumor there and sent us to a specialist. We went through bone scans, density testing and blood work. The density test showed him to have moderate to severe deficiency in the neck. The scan showed a bone fracture in the upper tibia. ... (0 replies)

... atment. I think there is a significant breakthrough last several years especially for the application of umbilical cord blood. The process is done by taking cord blood from newborn and save in the cord blood bank. ... (0 replies)
Blood test results
Dec 17, 2004
... The turn over rate for the white blood cell count is very rapid. Some blood cells such as the neutrophils will become mature and be destroyed in 8 hours or so. ... (6 replies)
... My husbands blood test are abnormal. He went in because he had a flu that wasn't getting better. No fever but aches, cough, sore throught etc....the dr took blood and advised his white blood cell count was very low and he needed to take another test. ... (0 replies)
Blood test
May 27, 2009
... are related, and is basically just a measure of how much hemoglobin there is in each red blood cell, and therefore a partial measure of how much oxygen your red blood cells are able to carry. ... (1 replies)
... I have always had weird brusies on my arms and legs. However, I donated blood and my blood passed through the screenings. Does anyone know what tests that screen the blood for. Like what diseases? ... (3 replies)
... My Rheumatologist is the doctor that ordered the blood work. She repeated the blood work 2 weeks after the above results and told me on the phone yesterday that the WBC count went down to 12. ... (0 replies)
... My father was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukemia, and his white blood cell count has been rising steadily. He just recently went in for some blood work, and the doctor usually does it right on the spot, but this time he said my fathers red blood cells were clotting and he couldnt do the blood work. ... (1 replies)
... i live in ontario canada and have B negative blood, i wish i could help you out more. i do donate platelets and whole blood but i guess that doen't really help you. it's to bad that you can't find someone closer to you . i know it must be tough. ... (3 replies)
... month for another CBC test in which i just had done on Monday of this week. I go to see the oncologist on Tuesday June 14th to find out what the results of that blood test are. ... (4 replies)
... r appetite. She has seen the doctor regularly for the skin infections. Yesterday, I took her to the doctor because the flu symptoms came back again. He took a blood sample, xrayed her lungs and her sinuses. The xrays showed a sinus infection, but the blood test came back with a very low white blood cell count. ... (1 replies)
... Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you answers once he sees your blood work, but if s/he doesn’t have the answer then it's possible that you might be gluten-intolerant. I read your symptoms and the ones you listed are associated with gluten-intolerance.... Pain, migraines, crippling fatigue, excessive sweating, and bruising (if that’s what you mean by seeing... (2 replies)
... I had some blood tests a few weeks back prior to having a screening colonoscopy. The results came back quickly, all normal... ... (0 replies)
... I have no signs of infection or pain. I am however consistently tired. My doctor ordered a smear and I gave more blood today. ... (1 replies)
... although I have never really had acid or heartburn. She gave me some omeprazole and also sent me off for some blood tests. She also believes that some of my issues are stress anxiety related... I do have anxiety issues. ... (1 replies)
... Mine ran all kinds of blood test but because my wc is still elevated he now wants to do this biopsy...I have no Idea at this point as to what is going on with my system... ... (1 replies)
... ok im new at this so i hope it works. my 11month old little girl had blood work done two days ago. today we received a call from her doc. that she has a very high white blood count. she has to be seen asap and more blood work. ... (0 replies)
... Most of the workup for leukemia is based on blood samples, but often you need a bone marrow sample as well. Using the complete blood count, you can suspect leukemia if one sees what are called "blasts", which are the leukemia cells. Leukemia, however, originates from the bone marrow. ... (4 replies)

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