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... Those values by themselves do not indicate Leukemia. It does indicate infection of some kind. Perhaps the doctors think that you have an infection in your blood stream that is resistant to the usual antibiotic. The MPV stands for Mean Platelet Volume. If that is high then it means that there may be something going on in your body that indicates to your body that it is in... (2 replies)
... and he thought the bloodwork results may indicate that I have an infection and that I may be dehydrated. He had no explanation for the high red blood cell values. ... (0 replies)
... and he thought the bloodwork results may indicate that I have an infection and that I may be dehydrated. He had no explanation for the high red blood cell values. ... (2 replies)

... Your CBC seems pretty normal, number wise, minus the lower hemoglobin. I would ask your doctor what is exactly is indicating the need for a BMB. ... (4 replies)
... LOL I've been googling my head off. I went in to see my doc expecting to be told my thyroid was low or sugars were out of whack, and walked out with a "I'm concerned about leukemia". Mind you, he's not just going on bloodwork. I'm EXHAUSTED, heck I won't even get up to go pee until my bladder's about to explode because it's too much effort. Not just tired exhaustion either,... (9 replies)
... I am Becky I usually post on the lympoma board. I Have CLL, but all of my bloodwork was off. and I have swollen nodes in alot of places. Some people just have high WBC's and they do a watch and wait approach with them. ... (9 replies)
... y responding by increasing in numbers. Wait until you have completed the penicillin and your body has a chance to regain normalcy. The anitbiotic would make your bloodwork off if you took it, without having an infection. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks...that's good information to know...especially since I recently had surgery!!! And I might be having surgery again before the end of June. I don't think I can just wait around 3 weeks for this though!!! I've been so fatigued and feeling under the weather and I want to be well for the surgery. BTW no bloodwork was required for surgical pre-op!!! Pam (2 replies)
... Hope she is feeling better now😊 (3 replies)
... r. Please advise. I'm worried sick. My daughter has an appointment next week to ensure that her strep throat has cleared, and I'm thinking of re questing another CBC to make sure that her blood counts are not on a decline. Please advise. ... (3 replies)
... CBC results? This is my first day on this board. I was Dx with Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia back in 2001. For the first five years after Dx my hematologist mainly checked the bloodwork, poked my lymph nodes, spleen and pumped me for gardening tips. (4 replies)
May 4, 2003
... ot to say you're not susceptible to developing it in the future. My CLL was building for many years, with a couple of enlarged glands, before it showed up in my bloodwork as CLL. ... (3 replies)
... I posted on the liver issues board earlier before I spoke with my doc based on what he initially said, but since getting my bloodwork results back, I'm wondering if I posted in the wrong area. ... (2 replies)
Leukemia? WBC 11.1
Jun 17, 2010
... I also had a HGB elevated 16.2 and my MCV was 100.5. She wants me go back tomorrow for another blood test CBC with differential. ... (1 replies)
Help Im confused
Dec 13, 2007
... I have been suffering with a lot of petechiae of late, inside of cheeks and back of lower legs, it usually clears up within a couple of days. Although I was worried about Leukemia after what i had read on the internet. My doctor has run alot of bloodwork including CBC, liver funtion, blood chemistry, clotting PT and coagulation work it all came back normal, but I still... (1 replies)
At my wit's end...
Nov 12, 2006
... I strongly encourage you to trust your instincts. It sounds like a voice is telling you to dig deeper into what's going on. Please do! If your doctor isn't listening, find another one who will. With all your symptoms, a telephonic diagnosis doesn't sound like top notch care to me. Best of luck! Tyler (4 replies)
At my wit's end...
Nov 10, 2006
... I called the Dr and instead of ordering bloodwork or even asking me to come in, they sinply called in a 7 day antibiotic and said they were treating me like I have strep. ... (4 replies)
... I'm new to the boards. I've been searching for information about bands and metamyelocytes in a CBC differential. Everything else looked normal, just a very slight increase in RDW. ... (1 replies)
Very scared
Nov 10, 2003
... I feel exactly like you do. I had all of this bloodwork done and everything was ok. Well, except my urine. There was blood cells, red and white found in my urine. Is this from a UTI or what? ... (8 replies)

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