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Diet and Leukemia
Aug 18, 2001
... I am trying to find some information on the best diet a person with Leukemia can eat. I know that nutrition and vitamins and minerals are always a good way to combat the effects of all kinds of diseases. ... (7 replies)
... exposure to the source such as a sex partner who is untreated. The other causes that make fungus infections difficult to eliminate is sugars in the diet either refined or natural, excess alcohol drinking, or allergic reactions to wheat or other grains. ... (1 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
Apr 30, 2004
... the floaters. Passing viruses unrelated to HIV or other immune system compromising diseases can also occur. You did not say whether or not your doctor ran a test for HEP C. ... (6 replies)

... ty of your list and can tell you that the smoking is possibly doing alot of this. It can decrease your immune response by congesting bloodflow, which can account for the pain and headaches. Smoking is cutting off oxygen to your body. ... (5 replies)
Lgl leukemia
Jul 12, 2005
... I have looked for someone with LGL. ... (6 replies)
Lgl leukemia
Jul 16, 2005
... I am looking to find someone that can share the way their body is responding to the disease and how they are coping mentally. My diet changes and vitamins have stayed off transfusions. Procrit makes life worth living. I do not find much help thru the doctors or anyone for that matter. ... (6 replies)
... The definitive answer on leukemia is the bone marrow biopsy and a chromosome assay. ... (5 replies)
... I am not going to do this. I am just looking for maybe some advice or some guidance as to this disease. ... (0 replies)
... is it normal procedure for dentist? ... (0 replies)
Could it be?
Apr 21, 2003
... Hi, I think a great smokies diagnostic test would reveal alot. I'm sure the burton goldburg group book the definitive guide to cancer would have many diagnostic laboratories contact info. You may have leaky gut syndrome as one of the root or precipitating factors to your illness. Yeah I had a tumor removed by one of these clueless doctors so I know what you are talking about.... (1 replies)
? about cbc
Mar 20, 2010
... An elevated lymph count also indicates a viral infection which would be supported by your elevated WBC's. Your lymph results are only slightly above normal. It seems that your body is fighting off some sort of infection, so your symptoms of fatigue and low grade fevers do make sense. Make sure you're taking a good multivitamin,eating well balanced meals, staying well... (1 replies)
? about cbc
Mar 18, 2010
... Went to dr to get blood checked for anemia. CBC came back with the following flagged. ... (1 replies)
Diet and Leukemia
Aug 30, 2001
... hat else oh yeah ABSOLUTLEY NO FAST FOOD it carries waaay too much germs. uh...oh yeah when it comes to drinks you cant drink anything thats been out in the open for more than 20 minutes cause it builds bacteria. I think thats basicaly it. ... (7 replies)
... In terms of being a donor, there isn't a whole lot to it. I'm sure anyone you ask will tell you quiting the cigarettes is a good idea for a whole host of reasons. Other than that, just eat a balanced diet, exercise and try to be in your best shape when you donate. ... (7 replies)
... You might want to try this question on the eating disorder boards, sister suffered from eating disorders for 10 years, and she developed terrible bruising. It occurs when your body is not getting enough nutrients. ... (5 replies)
Abnormal CBC
May 8, 2006
... My husband had his CBC done along with other tests when he was due for his diabetes appointment. When we went in the doc was not happy with his CBC results. His WBC was 15. ... (2 replies)
Apr 21, 2011
... I can't get to see a doctor for a while, so until then I was just wondering if I could get an opinion on a set of symptoms I've had for the past few months. Back in February I started getting little random bone pains mostly in my arms and hands which I still have today. ... (3 replies)
... has been suffering from low blood platelets for a number of years. In the summer of 2007 while in his summer home in Greece he suffered a severe nose bleed and came back to the US in a few days. ... (1 replies)
Jan 24, 2008
... I cried. I sat around like a zombie. I had anxiety attacks. Ugh. Then I found the top treatment centers in the country for my condition. ... (2 replies)
... stomach ulcer symptoms for months, although the last 2 months have been really bad. The pain in my stomach and the ammount of gas coming out is unbeleivable. ... (1 replies)

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