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... However on my last three blood test i had high white blood cell count on the three last occassions. also high neutrophils. they don't seem to be worryingly over i geuss. i also continue to have low potssium. and my esr has been raising. ... (1 replies)
... Although a low white cell count can indicate a type of leukemia, there are many other reasons for low white cell count. ... (10 replies)
... i totally know how you feel , i have been going back and forth to a blood dr for about 7 years now and every time my numbers are off he says it is cause of elevation but a couple weeks ago i had blood collecting in my eye and the eye dr told me go to your hematologist and i went to him and he said go to your nuerologist and i was like no someone has to know what is going on... (32 replies)

... Hi. I am new here. My first time on the boards. I was curious as to how high your white blood cell count must be for a diagnoses of leukemia? ... (2 replies)
... I have been off the boards for a while. Let's try to put the white cell count in some sort of perspective. ... (32 replies)
... Cell count dramatically. Leukemia raises the white blood cell count, but the blood cells are not capable of doing the job. The HIV test is very specific to AIDS, and the ordinary WBC can not be used to diagnose AIDS. ... (6 replies)
... I am seeing a hematologist this week, so I don't know just yet. My WBC (if I am reading this right) is somewhere in the 9300 range. My primary care physician said that they went up since 2 months ago. (5 replies)
... I wouldn't panic. Anywhere between 4000 and 11000 is normal. When I was diagnosed my WBC was 165,000. Things like mono can elevate your WBC as well. Good Luck (5 replies)
Blood test results
Dec 15, 2004
... ree or four terms that can be used. Leukocytosis, Neutrophilia, Lympocytosis, Monocytosis, Eosinophilia. All of these are different components of the White blood cell count that could cause the total numbers to be high. ... (6 replies)
... now. I have to get iron infusions about once every one or two yrs. My first time getting an iron infusion my ferritin was at 3. I also have a chronic white blood cell count that I've had for several years as well. My total white blood cell count is usually between 2. ... (0 replies)
Blood test results
Dec 15, 2004
... I wouldn't post of this thread usually but after doing a search due to my doctors lack of information, I think my white cell count may be raised. ... (6 replies)
Cell counts?
Mar 7, 2004
... Your sister is probably referring to her red blood cell count and her white blood cell count. In CML the White Cell counts are usually very high with normal being at 6,000 and active CML being at 25, 000 and over. These are just the typical numbers that she may have talked about. ... (3 replies)
... A low white cell count is not indicative of leukemea, a high white cell count is. I'm sorry I don't know what causes a low white cell count but it's not leukemea. Anemia causes fatigue and exhaustion and vitamin deficiencies will cause aches and pains. ... (1 replies)
... If you have a cold or stressed that can bring up your white blood count. But if it keeps coming back high then you need to have a bone marrow test done. ... (32 replies)
... If not, I think it is time. Something is making your bone marrow produce too many WBCs of the granulocyte type, and your WBC count is not just borderline high if it is getting up to 20,000. A hematologist will get to the bottom of this so whatever it is, you can be treated instead of just watched. ... (1 replies)
Blood test results
Dec 17, 2004
... testing to see if its a faulty test, or to see if there changing at all during now and in 4 weeks time. My dads worried to though. He said high white cell count can be Leukemia but on a better note I've heard it can be a bad infection. I hope thats all it is. ... (6 replies)
Leukemia symptoms?
Jun 16, 2007
... that was diagnosed as benign. However, the bloodwork showed that my white cell count was significantly raised at 18. The dr. didn't seem too concerned and sent me on my way. ... (1 replies)
... That is what I feel like sometimes. How long has your white count been up? ... (32 replies)
... Just an update. I was wrong, they are sending me to hematologist and appointment is through 28th Jan but don't know what tests (if any!!) they are going to do. I was told by my doctor that she would write to see if they want to do any more tests and if they do not then we would leave it at that but out of the blue I have had an appointment. She also asked me if I wanted to go... (32 replies)
... I am not ill as such. I feel that this appointment with the specialist is purely to reiterate what my doctor has already said in that "its quite normal to have a high white count and nothing be wrong". ... (32 replies)

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