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... For the past month I have had arm.leg,back,and stomache pains. At times they can REALLY hurt. Also I have been low on energy latley, when just walking up the stairs I feel like i have been running up them several times. ... (1 replies)
... Don't jump to the worst conclusion. Check for viruses and anemia first. They are aggravating but not a death sentence. Also, some times depression will make you have all those symptoms as well. A good check up with your doctor can put your fears at rest. Good luck to you. ... (1 replies)
... o kids went out of her room to buy a soda. In the meantime, the doctor came into her room. He was talking for a few minutes to her and then said, "by the way, we think you have leukemia". ... (8 replies)

... Now I think I might have leukemia. When I went to urgent care about my abdominal pain they did a CBC on me. ... (13 replies)
... If I could talk to you "in real life," I'd be there to let you know that developing leukemia is not in ANY way under your control. ... (5 replies)
... Why do you think you have leukemia. Please understand that it really is a very very serious disease and not at all a joke! ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old male who's had iron deficiency anemia throughout childhood. Lately I think I've been developing small brown marks on my skin, though it's hard to tell, because I have moles and freckles of all sizes all over my body. ... (3 replies)
... About 5 months ago I randomly lost 12 pounds and started feeling sick and weak whenever I exerted myself. ... (3 replies)
... i totally know how you feel , i have been going back and forth to a blood dr for about 7 years now and every time my numbers are off he says it is cause of elevation but a couple weeks ago i had blood collecting in my eye and the eye dr told me go to your hematologist and i went to him and he said go to your nuerologist and i was like no someone has to know what is going on... (32 replies)
... If you have a cold or stressed that can bring up your white blood count. But if it keeps coming back high then you need to have a bone marrow test done. ... (32 replies)
Oct 27, 2005
... Hi, I don't really think I have leukemia but I was just wondering if normal blood work would reveal if you have it or not. I've had some tests for mono and my thyroid and stuff like that and I'd think something would show up if I had leukemia but what do I know? ... (3 replies)
... headed, itchy dry skin, and other thyroid like symptoms off and on.. but my thyroid always comes back within normal limits. The last two CBC's I had done, has my Dr. questioning whether I have leukemia or not so she has referred me to a hematologist... even though my blood levels are not way off.. ... (4 replies)
What do you think?
Nov 29, 2004
... I definately think you should get that checked out further. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, go to the dr. Why are your parents not taking you to be seen. There are many things that this could be. Don't think its the worse. You could also have a thyroid problem, and your thyroid is very important, it controls everything in your body. ... (2 replies)
... If you have been sick and maybe possibly think that you might have something serious then you should get it checked. Time is of the essence. This is not something you should put off with or without the insurance. ... (5 replies)
... Basically, almost impossible you have acute Leukemia if your symptom already there for long time. Acute Leukemia is rapid disease, it will make you very weak only in days or weeks. ... (3 replies)
... I think it's premature for the doc to have said leukemia, but you need to follow up. ... (4 replies)
... hello, my husband is apml sences 10th feb 20005. he got CR after 1st camo plus ATRA, after that our doc stopped ATRA . on 6th of this month he finished his 3 rd camo of matoxanto and etoposide.can u tell me that what would be the effects of not taking ATRA with camo? or what r the chances of recurence of apml . still we do not get any reasen of this diseases. he is 45 yr... (18 replies)
... n environmentally caused leukemia. The 2 known causes are exposure to the atomic bomb or an exposure to benzene. There may be other causes but these 2 are known. I have always been told and heard from many that this is a "good" type to get. The cure rates are much higher with this type. ... (18 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
May 1, 2004
... I am very sorry to hear about your loved one and I agree with you, the research I have done over the past few days shows nothing conclusive regarding family history of leukemia increasing risk. ... (6 replies)

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