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Old Age Leukemia
Jun 28, 2012
... d of treating things like this is in the elderly is called palliative care, and just means you treat the symptoms to help patient feel better, but do nothing too aggressive that is going to make them sick. The blood transfusion will help her fatigue for awhile. ... (5 replies)
... Gary Hi & I'm so Glad to hear how your treatments going so well. Its people like you that inspire me>when ISee success stories so often cancer is a scary word so we think oh well were going to die. But just because you have cancer doesn't mean your going to die right away you can go on & live a very productive long life for many years. I Was reading about Ryan Oneal remember... (13 replies)
... pll leukemia which is apparently a very rare form of chronic leukemia. I have been reading everything I can find on the internet regarding this disease and its treatment. ... (0 replies)

... But chances are, if they had begun aggressive treatment in December...they might have been able to prevent such a rapid spread of the cancer. ... (21 replies)
... dose of chemotherapy and tolerated it well but he now has no appetite and he is weak. From what I have read, AML is aggressive and so is the treatment. I do not mean to scare you but if you are anything like me you want to know what the deal is and do not want anyone candy coating it. ... (8 replies)
... As far as the WBC goes, it's what your body does to fight off infection so it's not the only indicator as to whether you should be worrying about Leukemia or not. CLL, I was told, could go on for years with no need for treatments. Mine, however, decided to get aggressive and it is what it is! ... (13 replies)
... Knowing someone with leukemia is a huge learning curve, my niece was 3 when diagosed. ... (9 replies)
... My sisters is very aggressive and she requires treatment ... our mothers' is not aggressive and she has not required any treatment so far. Just regular checkups with her Dr. ... (10 replies)
... One thing I suggest to anyone who has AML/APL or any form of acute cancer is to get treated at a major research hospital like Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins, Anderson, etc. At these institutions, they have cutting edge treatments that are sometimes not even FDA approved. Thus you get the benefit of treatments that are experimental but are the latest and greatest in... (18 replies)
... My stepmom just died yesterday of acute aggressive leukemia at age 82, the worst kind of leukemia to have said the doctor. We got the diagnosis today. ... (1 replies)
Burkitts Leukemia
Feb 23, 2003
... Here's more information. Please note that there appear to several different reasons why this disease may appear. For example, the first article discusses this leukemia as an ancillary effect of AIDS, another article discusses this disease in terms of pediatric treatment with no reference to AIDS as cause. ... (2 replies)
... I found out after she died that there is a percentage that a patient could contract Leukemia after a BMT but we never knew this until after it was too late. ... (0 replies)
... is high but can customarily be brought down by an aggressive form of chemotherapy. It takes about three weeks. Remission is possible even with a high WBC. ... (4 replies)
... aren't facing the urgency that's encountered with the more aggressive cancers. I admit that Chronic forms of Leukemia are not my area of personal knowledge. ... (14 replies)
... I this chronic lymph.leukemia?? My mother was diagnosed in 2005. Only taking iron with no symptoms until Nov.2006 when she began to have severe itching all over her body. The doctors have given her "burst of coritsone" which quiets the itching completely, but they are reluctant to give an rx for long periods of time for worries of any liver damage. But how much more damaging... (5 replies)
Hairy Cell
Feb 3, 2007
... up test, leukemia has returned. They continue to monitor, will eventually need to go through treatment again. Not very aggressive and really has not effected how I feel very much so just waiting. ... (4 replies)

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