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... a condition not necessarily occurring in leukemia. And its the thrombocytopenia in leukemia that causes one to bruise easily, not anemia. ... (13 replies)
... ck of the leg, I immediately went to a different Dr who did a CBC and said "everything is normal, your just more prone to bruising than most people, it means you bruise easily. ... (6 replies)
... I don't know a lot about leukemia, but jaundice can occur with liver diseases, and from what I understand, the liver and spleen may be enlarged with leukemia. (13 replies)

... If you've been pale for years, that shouldn't be a concern. If you're thinking Leukemia, then your skin tone would be yellow. Also, anemics bruise it a bruise? ... (13 replies)
... and platelets. That's why leuekemia patients can look a bit pale and lack energy thanks to a low RBC count, and bruise easily thanks to a low platelet count. ... (4 replies)
... VERY pale, bruise easily, infection in my nose won't go away, gums bleeding, weight loss, VERY sore bones and joints, bad headaches, sore lymph nodes, VERY dizzy when standing. ... (1 replies)
... suddenly I bruise easily... ... (0 replies)
... (3 replies)
... Hi, I've found a hardish swollen lymph node under my jaw about 4 months ago, the doctor gave me antibiotics but they didn't help. In fact I started getting chest and upper back pain. He did some blood tests, and repeated my wbc and liver test but said everything was ok. I began feeling exhausted along with my almost constant chest and back pain, and then had a horrid... (3 replies)
... Children with leukemia often have fewer than normal healthy red blood cells and platelets. ... (6 replies)
Aug 21, 2006
... I've had tons and tons and tons of tests done so I'm hoping if it was leukemia they would have found it by now. My last blood tests I believe my WBC was 10.2, my neutrophils were slighly elevated, my rbc and platelets were fine. ... (5 replies)
... Hi I'm David, I'm 23 years old, and have several concerning symptoms, that I'm hoping someone on here can advise me what to do. My symptoms are: constanty fatigued, bruise/ bleed. easily, I have frequent headaches, lots of sore throats, my bones and joints are always sore, and I'm always warm and sweaty. Should I see a doctor or is this normal? (3 replies)
... arged. im really freaked out because earlier today i had a seizure and that can be a symptom. my hands also shake really badly and my bad and chest hurts. I also bruise and bleed very easily, and my arms and legs ach so bad i cant sleep. My anxiety and depression is terrible and my muscles hurt. ... (2 replies)
... I hope I will get a few responses on this. I am a mom of a 2.5 year old and I have myself worried sick. He seems to bruise easily. He has been marginally anemic since he was 1. Every once in a while, he will say his knee hurts, or his elbow hurts. ... (2 replies)
... r came in on the last day and said he thought I might need to see a specialist, he said I might need to let them check my bone marrow. I'm tired alot, fatigue, I bruise very easily, I can barely bump something and I have these awful looking bruises where ever I get hurt. ... (2 replies)
... Without red blood cells, your complextion becomes pale, you get tired easily, and generally feel weak and tired. As your platelets drop off, you begin to bruise and bleed easily. ... (3 replies)
Am i overreacting?
Mar 21, 2006
... i read on the net that leukemia has flu like symptoms and right now i have a fever, pains in my bones and joints, weakness and fatigue. ... (1 replies)
... Given that you're posting this question in the Leukemia thread, I'm guessing you've been diagnosed with leukemia. ... (1 replies)
... infections. I get sick and she just labels it as a bacterial infection. For as long as I can remember, I've always been tired. I look tired, my skin gets pale. I bruise so easily, always have. I usually have low iron. My family says I am paranoid and a hypochondriac. ... (1 replies)
... The thing is, I don't have all of the classic leukemia sign. ... (5 replies)

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