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... I was diagnosed with AML and did not have bleeding gums or patichiae. ... (6 replies)
... Bleeding gums could mean you have a gum disease, or sometimes Leukemia. ... (6 replies)
... I have leukemia but never had probs with my gums or mouth. Her wbc are low enough to make her neutopenic, which is dangerously low for her immune system. ... (1 replies)

... My symtoms following the surgery were similar to those of Leukemia or Lymphoma and I had an awful lump in my right armpit. ... (0 replies)
... It can occur at anytime it's not something that you catch and has to develop, my son has ALL and he had only developed Leukemia a month at the most when he was diagnosed, his Leukemia is cause by one cell one day, starts making abnormal cells for no apparent reason, it's not genetics and if i have other children they won't have Leukemia, I hope i helped a little :) (6 replies)
... I had bleeding gums,aches,pains,constant infections,tierdness,bruising,sore mouth,constant period bleeding and was diagnosed with leukeamia a year ago.Going to the doctor saved my life,i lost so much blood i couldent breath.The night i was rushed to hospital i needed a blood transfusion of four units.It might not seem like youre loosing much blood,but it all adds up.Please,go... (2 replies)
... brusing. My daughter had Leukemia at age 2, 18 years ago. She is now 20 and making straight A's in college. ... (6 replies)
... My son has Leukemia. Other then a headache, bleeding gums and persistent nose bleed, he had no other symptoms that we knew of. Turns out he had some unexplained bruising and petechiae that I didn't know about. ... (8 replies)
... VERY pale, bruise easily, infection in my nose won't go away, gums bleeding, weight loss, VERY sore bones and joints, bad headaches, sore lymph nodes, VERY dizzy when standing. ... (1 replies)
... I had petechiae speckled here and there over my arms for what seemed to be several years........nothing that obvious and when I would ask about it, the doctors would just dismiss it but my AML presented with jaw pain for two or three weeks and early one morning as I was brushing my teeth a fine red thread appeared around each tooth and that was scary so I ran to the dentist... (6 replies)
... So, my question is, does this look like a leukemia type problem? ... (1 replies)
... how sudden can leukemia occur? ... (6 replies)
... my gums bleed every time i brush and floss and this just started a couple weeks ago, so its not like im not flossing enough! ... (2 replies)
... Hi. i'm writing cause my sister who is 33 has been having some weird symptoms lately. She keeps getting headaches, bone aches, facial tingling and tightness. She went to the dentist last week and the hygenist told her she was concerned about a discoloration on her gums. my sis was concerned but the dentist was unavailable to give my sis more info. two nights ago, my sis... (0 replies)
... doctors to gets some meds and they didnt work. So after a few days he went back to get something stronger. He tried that but it still didnt work. Mean while his gums got really swollen it was hard for him to eat anything. He went back to the doctors a 3rd time and requested blood work to be done. ... (18 replies)
... My gums bleed every time I brush my teeth and there is a small amount of blood in my stools. I also have countless, unexplained bruises all over my legs. ... (8 replies)
... When I brushed my teeth, my gums bled .. I was always tired, petechiaes in my mouth, headaches, lose of appetite .. pretty much everything foxy1180 said. They took me over to St. ... (2 replies)
... ae online and found that it is a symptom of luekemia. When I started reading the list of symptoms I noticed more that fit. For example, one symptom is bleeding gums when you brush your teeth which happens to me everytime. Also, I noticed that my last period was significantly heavier than usual. ... (1 replies)
... Hi There, SilverAndSand; I just wanted to say HI to a survivor of ALL. My grandson was diagnosed with ALL shortly after he turned 3. He now is 4, and we are all hanging in there with him; hoping for the best. My prayer is that one day my grandson will also be said to have beaten ALL...That's all I wanted to say...I'm so happy you survived...God bless you! Debbie (2 replies)
... The incidence of leukemia is 1 in roughly 9,000 people. ... (2 replies)

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