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Leukemia or HIV.
Apr 30, 2004
... with two women at 3 and 4 months ago and have tested negative for HIV out to 10.5 weeks from the last exposure, however I have been experiencing symptoms that I can not rule out as just about anything BUT Leukemia or HIV. ... (6 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
May 1, 2004
... ery sorry to hear about your loved one and I agree with you, the research I have done over the past few days shows nothing conclusive regarding family history of leukemia increasing risk. ... (6 replies)
... Anytime the immune system is lowered by disease there is a chance for fungus infections but the usual cause of yeast infections is due to re-exposure to the source such as a sex partner who is untreated. The other causes that make fungus infections difficult to eliminate is sugars in the diet either refined or natural, excess alcohol drinking, or allergic reactions to wheat or... (1 replies)

... e had a vaginal yeast infection for 6 months that is resisting treatment. I read on the net that women with HIV, diabetis or any immune challenging problem like leukemia can get these. Well, now of course I'm scared. ... (1 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
Apr 30, 2004
... lot of fried foods bile can back up into your liver and cause the visual problems. High blood pressure can also cause the floaters. Passing viruses unrelated to HIV or other immune system compromising diseases can also occur. You did not say whether or not your doctor ran a test for HEP C. ... (6 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
Apr 30, 2004
... i too was convinced that i had HIV. i actually got a near fatal colon infection after the birth of my son that is typically seen in patients with leukemia or AIDS. the infection has like a 1 in 20,000 tchance to infect a would be healthy person. i happened to be that 1 person. ... (6 replies)
... hospital and they did all kinds of tests on him, including HIV, TB, and leukemia. They all came back negative. They also did a bone marrow biopsy to check for leukemia and that also came back negative. His white count has gone down to around 30,000. But his platelets have recently dropped to. They are about 35,000 right now. ... (0 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
Apr 30, 2004
... I just hate having the feeling that my body is saying something in bright red letters and I cant read it. It is somewhat relieving to know that Leukemia at least, is not a "maybe yes maybe no, we need to analyze this" kind of situation. ... (6 replies)
... Yes Leukemia can cause low white cell counts. But, it may not show up on a regular CBC. ... (1 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
May 1, 2004
... If you want to put your mind to ease now, just have a bone marrow biopsy and that will tell if you have leukemia. By the way, leukemia is NOT inherited and anyone can be the first in the family to come down with this dreaded disease such has my gf. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, So I am 28 years old and I a going crazy. My story is kind of long so I will try to go fast but with detail. 2 years ago I had donated blood and received a letter back from the Red Cross saying that I had tested positive for HTLV-1 which concerned me because they said I could not donate blood anymore so I figured it must be bad. I scheduled an appointment with mmy... (6 replies)
Leukemia or HIV.
May 13, 2004
... These floaters should be your least concern. There are pretty common and usually resolve by themselves with time. It is completely irrational that it is relates to CMV, because you got tested neg for HIV. You should trust these tests, they are reliable enough. As for your other complaints, I don't think they are indicative for the diseases you have mentioned at all. ... (6 replies)
... My husband was diagnosed prior to surgery in a screening test (cbc) about two years ago. His lymphocyte count was around 14,000. He was 63 at the time. His surgeon sent him to an oncologist. She did a bone marrow and identified his CLL as B cell lymphocyte involvement. B cells are your memory cells (the ones that remember that you had chicken pox). She said if he had to have... (10 replies)
... Cell count dramatically. Leukemia raises the white blood cell count, but the blood cells are not capable of doing the job. The HIV test is very specific to AIDS, and the ordinary WBC can not be used to diagnose AIDS. ... (6 replies)
... Although a low white cell count can indicate a type of leukemia, there are many other reasons for low white cell count. The most usual reasons are, stress, fatigue, lack of exercise, low B-12 values, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and of course the big one for this day and age is HIV/AIDS. However, in testing for leukemia, there are quite a few other tests... (10 replies)
... compromised issues, including leukemia or AIDS. I have no reason to suspect HIV. ... (1 replies)
... hey there people just had a few concerns, i am getting nervous, and im really busy, i work a lot. first some background, im 21, male, sexually active 4 years or so. ive had sex with less than 10 girls more like 7 or 8. i did have some concern as to hiv, leukemia, lymphoma, etc (just reading up on the internet for symptoms (i know its dumb to do so...)), but i havent been... (1 replies)
... you're not screwed at all, you're bound to worry if you have all these symptoms and yet no diagnosis. i think that you are right to want other examinations. these problems are obviously not normal otherwise you wouldnt be worrying about them. i am writing this because i have recently had blood tests and an MRI scan. the results of the blood tests where also slightly elevated... (22 replies)
... I actually may have posted in this board sometime ago so I apologize if I did. For along time I was "chasing" HIV I suppose you could say, but have pretty much exhonerated myself of that with 8 months worth of separate tests. ... (22 replies)
... would my bloodwork have been normal if it were leukemia causing these symptoms? ... (1 replies)

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