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... Fever or chills, persistent fatigue, weakness, frequent or severe infections, losing weight without trying, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen,easy bleeding or bruising, Recurrent nosebleeds, tiny red spots in your skin... each one is a symptom of leukemia. The thing is, you can have several of these symptoms, without having leukemia. If you are concerned, you can... (8 replies)
... ed lymph glands in my groin and under my armpits. I've been having blood test results done. I also have to see an ENT specialist because I keep having really bad nosebleeds and he told me that I have over the past times, my WBC has been a reoccurring problem. It keeps coming back low. ... (1 replies)
... Hi. i'm writing cause my sister who is 33 has been having some weird symptoms lately. She keeps getting headaches, bone aches, facial tingling and tightness. She went to the dentist last week and the hygenist told her she was concerned about a discoloration on her gums. my sis was concerned but the dentist was unavailable to give my sis more info. two nights ago, my sis... (0 replies)

... I'm wondering if I possibly have leukemia, or something else... (see below) I'm a 18 years old girl, and ... 1- I have back pain (complete back... sometimes it's the top, sometimes it's the bottom..) 2- My ankle hurts a lot (mostly the left ankle, but sometimes the right too). (and I sometimes feel that it's the bones that hurt) 3- My left knee pretty much always... (4 replies)
... i am concerned about my 6 year olds weird combination of symptoms...recurrent nosebleeds, bloodshot eyes regularly (has no allergies), complains of leg pains, excessing bruising on legs. it is possible i am being overly worried but i was hoping someone could offer some advice. thank you (3 replies)
... My daughter is 12 years old. She was having some joint pain so I took her to the doctor for a physical. Her lyme test came back positive but it was reading that it was inactive. Her Infectious Disease doctor is not convinced that it is not a false positive. She has other symptoms too such as headaches, abdominal pain, always has rhinitis and previously she had frequent... (0 replies)
... My 6 year old son suffers constant headaches, and leg aches. Tonight he could barely move them he said they felt like they had gone to sleep. He also suffers nosebleeds which seem to be getting more frequent, stomach aches and nausea, but he isnt vomiting nor does he have diarohea. ... (3 replies)
Oct 17, 2007
... I've had nose bleeds through out my life, but when the leukemia was brewing, things got out of hand. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, confused and worried and looking for anyone with leukemia experience. ... (2 replies)
... I've been having strange nosebleeds...I used to never ever get nosebleeds till grade 6...but I guess it happens eventually.. ... (0 replies)
Aug 9, 2006
... (7 replies)
Jul 28, 2006
... Is Leukemia Hereditary? ... (7 replies)
... oncologist at the end of the month because she suspects possible leukemia or lymphoma. I googled the symptoms of leukemia the other day and I have all but the nosebleeds. I'm scared to death. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the ranges of WBC counts typical for leukemia. ... (0 replies)
... I'm really sorry to hear your story about your sister and yourself, I will keep her and you in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. (3 replies)
... Some of you may remember me as you answered a post I had put up a couple of weeks ago regarding my sister and what seemed to be an impending Leukemia diagnosis. ... (3 replies)
... I have put my husbands symptoms into the computer and with all the things that he's doing, it comes up with several different things, possible TIA's, heart and anemia or leukemia. The thing about the leukemia, is that, although he has the fatigue, the joint pain, the often being pale and getting sick easier lately, he isn't bruising or having nosebleeds. He is normally very... (3 replies)
Possible symptoms
May 25, 2003
... Hi Samantha, In my humble opinion, you do not have leukemia. Many, many things can cause nosebleeds, as well as fatigue. With leukemia, easy bruising that doesn't go away readily is a symptom, but there again, bruising can also be indicative of other causes. I think you should go to a good otolaryngologist first. Leukemias are usually diagnosed in the very young and... (5 replies)
... The past two mornings he woke up with nosebleeds although not bad and they stopped easily. ... (2 replies)
... You didn't mention your platelet count. Nosebleeds would not be an indication of Leukemia if your platelet count was normal. If it was caused by insufficent clotting, it would have to be in the clotting mechanism itself. ... (7 replies)
New ALL Diagnosis
Aug 12, 2005
... law said it was because now she was in school and was in contact with other kids. I thought okay, this might be the case and let it go. Then the nosebleeds started and the bruises showed up. My ex then tried to convince me that it was because she was dancing and because the air was dry and she had allergies. ... (15 replies)

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