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... All the tests listed above were negative. I have high monocytes in my blood work. My white blood cell count ranges from 3.2 to 5.4 depending on the blood draw. Gall bladder has been removed. ... (4 replies)
... Ask questions. Read up on your CLL and anything that you don't understand, write on a piece of paper and take it with you to your doctor visit. This way, you won't forget anything and don't be worried about jotting his answers down on paper while in his office. I wish I had done this with my Hematologist. I do this with other physicians but never did it with him. I... (32 replies)
... I just saw my hematologist last week and he released me back into the care of my PCP for further blood work follow up. He said my elevated numbers have remained stable and that must be my norm. So, I said, "I don't need to worry?" Nope was the reply. He also said, he didn't think there was much to worry about from the beginning. So, I'm asking myself, what was the big... (32 replies)

... I am into the 4th weak,, all along my white cell count has been climbing. I have been off steriods for over a weak and last blood work WBC was 20. and now my kidney and liver enzymes are rising. ... (0 replies)
... Oleander53, Just wondered how your boyfriend went on on the 19th??? Kind Regards Karen x (32 replies)
... You are welcome, Can I also say like your boyfriend, mine is neutrophilia (where the high part of the whites are the neutrophils). I can relate to your worry and please come back and let us know how he goes on.;) Karen xx (32 replies)
... Karen, Thank you so much. He has an appt on Nov 19th and I will gently recommend the JAK2 test. His ultrasound of spleen and liver came back pretty bad...... I appreciate your response. I hope all works out for you. Oleander (32 replies)
... i was told also it was cause of my weight , so i started a diet program at our local office , they give you pills that i guess help boast your energy and whatnot and i dunno how but i have lost almost 30 lbs and the weight is like coming off , and i take the pills but i havent done any exercise , i go to work and come home and sleep , so i dunno if the pills are working that... (32 replies)
... DNA flow cytometry is a good blood test to request. (32 replies)
... She's still got a wicked stomach ache but the pain in the side is minimal thank goodness. well glad that they took care of the bill but that still didn't help your headache. I am going to follow up with my daughter at the gyno. She has had stomach aches and pains for a while now so obviously there is something going on in there that no one seems to be finding. I am not... (32 replies)
... How is your daughter? Did you ever find out what was wrong? One time I went to the ER for a severe headache and they checked my urine and found that I had blood in it and they did nothing about either and sent me home, said I was probably dehydrated and to drink water. When I got my bill in I wrote the hospital and told them I refused to pay the hospital bill because the... (32 replies)
... It's only been a few months but they don't seem overly concerned so I haven't freaked yet so.... Thanks for your thoughtfulness though. (32 replies)
... I wonder sometimes if doctors really know what is happening half the time. I hope they find out what's going on with you though. (32 replies)
... that's good to know. I just took another CBC and am waiting for the results. Thanks that makes me feel better. (32 replies)
... yeah that's what concerned me. Maybe he's taking family history into account too. My grandma just died of cancer my mother has had breast cancer twice etc... I don't know I am not extremely worried but just don't want to be caught off guard you know. (32 replies)
... They checked my blood for anemia, and said my red blood cells looked plump and healthy, and ruled it out. But I also had high white cell count, and a high sed rate. They didn't order any followup tests, and just diagnosed me with anxiety, and suggested an antidepressant. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone , I am a very worried mom of a 12 month old! At her 9 month apt. they did routine bloodwork and her white cell count came back at 18000 they said it might be from the er infection she had and to come back at 12 months to re check. So yesterday it came back at 26000! ... (1 replies)
... Sorry to hear the struggles you are going through but I want to let you know you are not alone! The worst thing you can do is stress about it and panic. I know not doing so is easier said and done; I've been there more than my share. At this point the best thing you can do is try to stay as healthy as possible by eating healthy, frequent had washing, plenty of rest like the... (2 replies)
... I might have leukemia.Pre my primary care Doctor. What type ect I dont know yet. I see the hemotologist on the 20th. First off I am 47 my white cell count is high. I have lost over 50 pounds since last summer . ... (2 replies)
... My Father Has A.m.l. Leukemia. Last Mon, His White Cell Count Was 79. I Know This Is Not Good, However, They Told Us His Cells Are Starting To Split. What Exactly Does This Mean And What Can We Expect In The Days To Come? ... (0 replies)

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