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... Could this be CML with two normal CBCs in the past couple of months and then a slightly elevated 12 WBC 2 weeks later with all other numbers normal? ... (2 replies)
... weeks he has been running a high fever on and off and I take him to the Dr and his WBC is 34,000, hemoglobin and rbc are normal, his lymphocytes are Low, the Neutrophils are very high 24,000 and his monocytes are very high over 2,000, bands are 14. ... (1 replies)
... ic" through the disease. Apparently, many individuals with the disease have their spleen reduced in normal size. This may be having an affect with infections. My WBC constantly remains low, well below the normal range, so I know how you feel. ... (3 replies)

... s and I was on a medication that we later found has a leukemia connection. ... (4 replies)
... was born. I dehydrate very easily, and have had other problems during some of those times. So through going to the doctor so much about being dehydrated, with low blood pressure, I have found out that my WBC is very high. One time they even checked it twice thinking the first one was wrong. ... (5 replies)
... re sending you to a Hematologist is because that is the type of doctor who has the skill to figure out what the problem is and then recommend treatment. Although Leukemia is always a possibility, the blood values you have given do not necessarily reflect Leukemia. ... (2 replies)
... There is absolutely NO indication on your test results of leukemia! The only thing, and it is very minor, is that your red cell count is in the low end of range. The monocytes can up with a virus or infection, probably related to your cough. ... (13 replies)
? about cbc
Mar 20, 2010
... It seems that your body is fighting off some sort of infection, so your symptoms of fatigue and low grade fevers do make sense. ... (1 replies)
... Of course our hope would be that leukemia is not involved. The results of the BMB will tell. However, if it is, it appears that the WBC is still fairly low and, if there is leukemic involvement, chance for a complete cure are much more favorable. ... (8 replies)
... I am seeing a specialist in leukemia this week because the hemotologist thinks it will go into leukemia. I feel fine. ... (3 replies)
... Ok so here's my dilemna. Leukemia could be an explanation for many of my symptoms...I've read some posts here and see the same sort of concerns. ... (0 replies)
... Ok so here's my dilemna. Leukemia could be an explanation for many of my symptoms...I've read some posts here and see the same sort of concerns. ... (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... I have read the few postings you have made. I am really sorry to hear about your daugther, I can't imagine....but good to know that she is almost done her treatment to have a full recovery.:) Best wishes to you and your family. I currently am still worried about 'ALL' with my 3 yr old son (I previously posted here..."concerned about leukemia") Now my son has been to... (1 replies)
... Her first blood tests showed her WBC was 2.8, RBC was 2.8 and platelets were 111. Everything else was fine. ... (4 replies)
... I'm not sure if this is something that would be related to leukemia so I thought I'd post the results here for some advice. ... (3 replies)
... of the WBC was blasts. ... (8 replies)
... I have been sick for about a year. Night sweats, bruising, diarrhea, dehydration, fatigue, bone pain, ugh. A year ago I was hospitalized for sepsis. I had a blood infection. Shortly after I began feeling unwell with diarrhea as my main symptom I guess. Found out I had a contracted, inflamed gallbladder with large square stones and had it removed. Shortly after the... (2 replies)
... as a bacterial infection. For as long as I can remember, I've always been tired. I look tired, my skin gets pale. I bruise so easily, always have. I usually have low iron. My family says I am paranoid and a hypochondriac. ... (1 replies)
... ething, but nothing ever came from it. Just the fevers. They started checking his labs again, and in the beginning, nothing was abnormal. Then in September, his wbc droppe, is platelets rose, he was anemic, and his spleen was enlarged. They then sent him to a pediatric infectious disease doctor in another state. ... (0 replies)

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