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... t was an odd place for strep to affect but that it was nothing to worry about and shrugged it off. That was a month ago. I have been keeping check on the swollen Lymphnode and it is still swollen, about two centimeters long and it has me concerned. He plays normally. ... (11 replies)
... The strep could certainly cause the swollen lymphnode and it sometimes takes time for lymphnodes to go back down. My son who is now 16, has very sensitive lymphnodes. ... (11 replies)
... So I have posted before about a swollen lymphnode in my thigh has no pain. And a bald patch on my head I also have bulging discs due to recent accident, also heart palpitations and pcos. And I'm only 24! ... (4 replies)

... what home remedies will help me? I'm a cancer patients and i'm home taking a break from my chemo treatment. (0 replies)
... Hello there, Lymph nodes are responsible for protecting the body against infection, and, like all lymph tissue - including tonsils and adenoids - they tend to increase in size during childhood and then shrink and become less numerous as a child reaches adolescence. The most common area where we see lymph nodes is the neck, usually the region under the jaw and sometimes... (11 replies)
... Another thing they told me is that reactive lymph nodes can take months to go down. My son had to have his removed as it was actually holding the infection. That is why it was growing. HTH (11 replies)
... My 2 year old went through this in Feb of this year. We were told that it was most likely lymphoma and to expect the worst. He had dark circles under his eyes and was losing weight. I cried on a regular basis for him. He went in at the end of Feb and had the lump biopsied. They took the entire lymph node. They also took his adnoids and tonsils. They put tubes in both ears.... (11 replies)
... Oh man, when I read these posts I was taken back about 23 years ago. My son, who is now 24 had an enlarged lymph gland in his neck. It absolutely drove me crazy. I worried all of the time, even had blood tests done. It was enlarged for years. I've heard several parents say the same about their children too. Unless he has other symptoms, I would not be the least bit... (11 replies)
... when i was young i had 2 lymphnodes, one on each side below my ear that just "hung out" i got strep a lot when i was a kid, i am 27 now and the nodes are gone, and there are no problems. i would just keep an eye on it. maybe even have some bllod drawn to check whits blood cells. i am sure it will be fine, but that way you will have a base line to go off of if it should get... (11 replies)
... Brad, you say that you had swollen lymphnodes since 15 and still fine. So, how many swollen ones did you have?. How big were they? Were they hard?. I'm just wondering ,because I've had em for 3 years. I'm very frustrating not knowing what may be wrong. Thanks (11 replies)
... myself that I noticed at 15. I didn't want to tell anyone and upset them, so I kept them to myself. I had them for several years...but now I'm 33 and just fine. Lymphnode enlargement confuses and frightens me. I don't want to freak out about it, but I do. I'll just keep an eye on his for another month or so and go from there. ... (11 replies)
... w whats wrong with him. I now travel 2 hrs north to take him to the best pediatric cardiologist on the southeast coast. I wonder if they are all linked to this lymphnode issue.. my first cousin also learned at 16 that his enlarged node was due to non hodgkins lymphoma. ... (1 replies)

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