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... I'm confused about your labs. Your leukocyte count and neutrophil counts should be two seperate things. What is your wbc count, your absolute neutrophil count, your lymphocyte count, your rbc count and your platelet count? ... (1 replies)
... Hi can someone help me understand neutrophil leucocytosis mine is 17. ... (1 replies)
Blood test
May 27, 2009
... are low just in relation to the neutrophil count in terms of combining to equal your overall WBC count. ... (1 replies)

... i really dun know about health problems such leukemia so could anyone here help me?? i am 17 years old, i am very healthy person but sometime i got sick. i always sicked when i was a child last time on 27 May, i checked my blood composition and it showed that 1st check RBC result 15.1 g/dL reference range (RR) 13-18 WBC result 18.9 1000/uL RR 4.3-10.5 neutrophil 21.6%... (0 replies)
... A Neutrophil is a type of White Blood Cell. ... (8 replies)
... I have only posted one other time about my fear of a disease (colon cancer). Now I think I might have leukemia. When I went to urgent care about my abdominal pain they did a CBC on me. Here were the results: WBC Count - 7.2 (4.0-10.5) RBC Count - 4.65 (4.60-6.20) Hemoglobin - 14.0 (14.0-18.0) Hematocrit - 42.0 (40.0-54.0) MCV - 90.3 (80.0-100.0) MCH - 30.1 (27.0-32.0)... (13 replies)
... Another concerning thing on my bloodword this week was a low WBC and low neutrophil count. WBC was 3.1. I have never had a low WBC, ever. Don't know the neutrophil count but it was out of range low. I did not have a cold or virus at the time of the blood draw. ... (0 replies)
... Just curious about this since my doctors only seem to look at my current labs. My mother has CLL, which was first noticed by an elevated Lymphocyte count, and my dad's sister just passed away from Multiple Myeloma, and dad's side (grandfather and 5 great uncles) had some form of cancer or another, and I recently lost a cousin (also dad's side) to AML, so cancer is always a... (0 replies)
... Are there either a percentage of neutrophils or an "absolute neutrophil count" listed, because I'm not sure how to convert "254" into one of these? ... (1 replies)
Blood test
May 11, 2009
... WBC 12.6 H MCH 34.0 H MCHC 35.5 H MPV 6.8 L Neutrophil # 10.5 H Neutrophil # 10.4 H Segmented Neut % 82.8 H Segmented Neut 83.0 H Lymphocyte % 12.4 L Lymphocyte % 11.0 L (1 replies)
Low Neutrophils
Mar 28, 2007
... It sounds like your brother could have been exposed to radiation or other toxin that wiped out his wbc count. Sometimes HIV related illnesses can do that too. Wait to see what the doctor says. Cancer is not the only Cause of hematological illness. (4 replies)
Low Neutrophils
Mar 27, 2007
... He was given IV fluids as well as a potent antibiotic. The main reason for his admission was his dangerously low white blood cell count of 700. His neutrophil count was at zero. Daily his wbc count increased, slowly....700, 1100, 2200, 2900. His neutrophil count raised to 100 and stayed there for 2 days. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I am 35 years old and completely worried about symptoms I have had for the past 6 months. I hope someone can help me and tell me if I need more consultation regarding CML and PAP. I had a normal CBC in Sept 06. I have had a chronic cough that only came after I ate or laughed since Sept. Now since Jan 07, I have a chronic cough that comes every 3 minutes. I also... (2 replies)
... The total White Cell Count is not nearly as important as the individual Absolute count. The differential count takes each kind of blood cell such as lymphocyte, neutrophil, esosinophil, monocyte and basophils and gives an absolute number for each and a percentage of the total count which is very important to know how they are functioning. The most important numbers in relation... (10 replies)
... Thank you so much for writing me back and commenting. I appreciate it. I am calling 3 drs in the morning. A ENT for my head, family dr, and a hematologist/oncologist for my lab results and my head. I got more results on my labs... Maybe you can take a look and let me know what you think?!? Urobilinogen- high at 2.0 WBC- high at 18.3(normal is 4.4-11.3) Neutrophil-... (3 replies)
... I was wondering if someone here could give me some advice. I was at the ER yesterday bc I have bad headaches daily for the last 3 months. I have been nauseas, had a lot of confusion, dizziness, fevers off and on and when I get them I get swollen glands, yellow eyes, lethargy, and tiredness. They did a brain scan, took blood, and a chest X-ray. Everything came back fine... (3 replies)
... please could someone help with these blood results?????? blood film microscopy RH 2000 4751 WBC'S 4.6 (RANGE 5.0 -15.0) HB 10.8 G/DL (11.0-14.0) PLATELET COUNT 303 10*9/L (150-450) MVC 79.1 FL (75-87) RBC'S 4.14 10*12/L (3.9-5.3) HAEMATOCRIT 0.328 (0.34-0.40) (13 replies)
... I finally got the doc to do blood tests on thur of last week and got a phone call the next day to say she was anemic and had low white blood cell count and neutrophil count. Also that if her temp spiked to take her straight to hospital! ... (11 replies)
... Genuine thrombocytopenia, some large platelets, no neutrophil inclusions. ... (1 replies)
... My daughter went to doc yesterday they said her neutrophil white blood count was 67. ... (0 replies)

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