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Normal CBC?
Mar 29, 2004
... In most cases yes, although there have been cases where the Leukemia was in temporary remission either through treatment or the body just being very resilient. But most of the time, if the CBC w/diff is normal( we are saying within normal range of 95 per cent of the rest of the population) then Leukemia can be ruled out. (1 replies)
Normal CBC?
Mar 29, 2004
... Would a normal CBC w/diff. rule out leukemia? (1 replies)
CBC Norms
Jan 27, 2008
... Normal CBC values can vary slightly from facility to facility, lab to lab, etc. ... (3 replies)

... I had a normal CBC in Sept 06. ... (2 replies)
... If If you feel that you are not getting good answers to your questions, you would want to check with another doctor. But sometimes the answer is that we take a long time to heal from illness if we relapse before we are completely well. Mono is a tough illness to get over and it is hard to be patient, but go with your best idea. (5 replies)
... getting new symptoms like horrible night sweats, very tierd all the time, my blood wasn't clotting as fast as it normally did, So I went in again and asked for a CBC and a mono spot, I've had mono before and it's pretty rare for it to go active again, CBC came back fine but I did have mononuecleosis again. ... (5 replies)
... rays came back normal. The bone pain has faded, but I still have petechiae on my legs, despite the normal CBC. ... (5 replies)
... My CBC has always been adnormal. My doctor has sent me to Rhem. Doctor because of positive ANA. Told me I had Fibromylgia... But I've never excepted it. ... (0 replies)
... The definitive answer on leukemia is the bone marrow biopsy and a chromosome assay. The discovery of the Philadelfia(misspelled to overide the edit ) chromosome indicator is one of the most positive signs. But, there are a lot of less threatening illnesses that can make you feel as tired and sick as leukemia. Do not settle on a diagnosis for your illness. The diagnosis alone... (5 replies)
... Can your CBC come back average during any stage of leukemia? ... (5 replies)
? about cbc
Mar 20, 2010
... An elevated lymph count also indicates a viral infection which would be supported by your elevated WBC's. Your lymph results are only slightly above normal. It seems that your body is fighting off some sort of infection, so your symptoms of fatigue and low grade fevers do make sense. Make sure you're taking a good multivitamin,eating well balanced meals, staying well... (1 replies)
? about cbc
Mar 18, 2010
... Went to dr to get blood checked for anemia. CBC came back with the following flagged. ... (1 replies)
... Diff were in normal range. He has various periodic complaints of tiredness, occ. ... (2 replies)
... I've been off work for this whole time and can't get better, could it possibly be leukemia even if I have a normal CBC and platelet count. I have requested a bone marrow biopsy but will not receive it because Dr's dont' think it's necessary. ... (1 replies)
Strange Symptoms
Jun 12, 2003
... lds, fatigue, joint pain, mild fevers, and bone pain, especially in my femurs and under my left ribs. I saw my doctor and he was somewhat concerned and he did a CBC on me, all of which was normal. ... (2 replies)
May 4, 2003
... You absolutely CANNOT have CLL with a normal CBC. However, that's not to say you're not susceptible to developing it in the future. ... (3 replies)
... and normal total WBC and neutrophils. ... (0 replies)
CBC Norms
Jan 24, 2008
... If you want more complete data, I'd be happy to post what is considered the normal range for different blood cells. However, some labs differ on the ranges a bit. ... (3 replies)
CBC Norms
Jan 18, 2008
... I have CLL and I know the results of my CBC tests, but I don't know what the normal range is for the white count, red count, hemoglobin and platelets. Seems simple enough, but I can't find it. ... (3 replies)
... Those values by themselves do not indicate Leukemia. It does indicate infection of some kind. Perhaps the doctors think that you have an infection in your blood stream that is resistant to the usual antibiotic. The MPV stands for Mean Platelet Volume. If that is high then it means that there may be something going on in your body that indicates to your body that it is in... (2 replies)

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