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... If you had to have any type of Leukemia, even though I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, CLL is the better of the Leukemia's to have. It is a very slow progressing cancer. ... (8 replies)
... My symtoms following the surgery were similar to those of Leukemia or Lymphoma and I had an awful lump in my right armpit. ... (0 replies)
... hello, my husband is apml sences 10th feb 20005. he got CR after 1st camo plus ATRA, after that our doc stopped ATRA . on 6th of this month he finished his 3 rd camo of matoxanto and etoposide.can u tell me that what would be the effects of not taking ATRA with camo? or what r the chances of recurence of apml . still we do not get any reasen of this diseases. he is 45 yr... (18 replies)

... There is a website called Hopefully that can better explain the chemical to you. I got some info on APL from the leukemia lymphoma society too. But they seem to always place APL under AML. APL is a subtype of AML. ... (18 replies)
... le, I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I certainly understand those feelings. I was dx'd on January 11th with CLL and was terrified! I am not sure which leukemia you have so I am not "up" on the bone marrow stuff. Did the doctor actually say bone marrow transplant or stem cell replacement? ... (5 replies)
... Gary Hi & I'm so Glad to hear how your treatments going so well. Its people like you that inspire me>when ISee success stories so often cancer is a scary word so we think oh well were going to die. But just because you have cancer doesn't mean your going to die right away you can go on & live a very productive long life for many years. I Was reading about Ryan Oneal remember... (13 replies)
... what is the worst kind of leukemia (1 replies)
... I was told it is clearable. I have never had news like this before. I feel like crying. I keep thinking what happens if they don't find a match. To make things worst i also have anemia. Just when i thought things couldn't get any worst they do. I can't stop thinking about what is going to happen to me. ... (5 replies)
... what is the worst kind of leukemia (0 replies)
... God Bless you for the rest of your life!!!!! Glad to hear you're doing wonderful. smile and like you said don't worry about anything and enjoy life. I was diagnosed with 6 benign liver tummors and all they are doing is just watch them. I been in pain on and off for almost the last 5 yrs. all i have to do is just smile at life. cheers. :) (4 replies)
... ave been dealing with one form of cancer or another for nearly 8 years. I've done everything they've thrown at me and it has paid off!!! I am breast cancer and leukemia free. I feel great, look great and have a new life. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I still have the headache. It has been a week straight today. I have been driving myself nuts thinking I have a brain tumor or leukemia. My friend died from a brain tumor do it contributes to my anxiety as headache was her only symptom. My cat scan was clear which was good but I keep thinking there's a tumor or an aneurysm that didn't show up. Health... (5 replies)
Possible leukemia
Oct 26, 2011
... Hello, So since May of this year my 3 year old daughter has has mastoiditis (infection of the bone inside her ear) requiring emergency surgery (to drain the infection and place tubes in her ears) and IV antibiotics, about 15 ear infections, pneumonia, 2 skin infections, 4 or 5 yeast infections (mouth and genital), a UTI, night sweats, fatigue, recurrent right sided facial... (2 replies)
... As far as the WBC goes, it's what your body does to fight off infection so it's not the only indicator as to whether you should be worrying about Leukemia or not. CLL, I was told, could go on for years with no need for treatments. Mine, however, decided to get aggressive and it is what it is! ... (13 replies)
... I had bleeding gums,aches,pains,constant infections,tierdness,bruising,sore mouth,constant period bleeding and was diagnosed with leukeamia a year ago.Going to the doctor saved my life,i lost so much blood i couldent breath.The night i was rushed to hospital i needed a blood transfusion of four units.It might not seem like youre loosing much blood,but it all adds up.Please,go... (2 replies)
... What type of Acute Leukemia -myeloid or lymphotic? And then what subtype is it? I have only dealt with myeloid myself, and it's the worst you could get-my sister had it when she was 17, it's very rare for teenagers. Anyway, if you let me know, I can tell you about my personal experiences if its thoughts are with you, I know what your going through. (7 replies)
... I hope everyone finds what they are looking for, don't dwell on the worst possible thought and comb through the symptoms with a fine'll drive yourself nuts and the people around you. ... (6 replies)
... is different for everyone depending on what disease and what chemicals are involved. Mine started out scary because I didn't know what to expect. You expect the worst and hope for the best but you don't know until you go through it. Keeping a daily log really helped me out. ... (13 replies)
... Well, there are many new drugs that target CML. And trials for even newer drugs with few side effects. My friend has CML. His doctor just got back from a leukemia seminar in Texas. They concluded that CML "probably" can be cured with these new drugs. ... (6 replies)
... Don't jump to the worst conclusion. Check for viruses and anemia first. They are aggravating but not a death sentence. ... (1 replies)

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