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My LFT results are as follows
GOT/AST- 48.3(H), Range 3.1 - 38
GPT/ALT - 84.9(H), 3 - 40
GGT 70.39(H), 11 - 50
ALP -243.3, 98 - 306
T. BIL - 0.72, 0.2 - 1.1
D.Bil - 0.37(H) 0.04 - 0.25

It all started with unknown sorts of bacterial infection by end of Oct,2014 after dat chronic sore throat.I am suffering from chronic diarrhea since January(3-4 times a day soft stool) they found H.Pylori in Jan itself. Then... last month they found yeast. My scan for stomach shows Grade 1 fatty liver and Heptomegaly. Lipid profile is also a bit High. Blood Glucose is normal. This was the first test performed wen it comes to LFT... ERS was 40 wen WBC was done... I was sexually active in OCT but protected penetrative and unprotected oral sex.... well multiple HIV tests have been negative until this month.

I am quite unsure what is causing all these but then my Liver tests has put me in trouble. Yes I have been a heavy drinker since last 10 years. My doctor has asked me to stay away from Alcohol for two weeks ... and asked me to eat only boiled or fresh veg and fruits and come back for test.

Rapid Hep. B and Hep.C were negative just after LTF test... Have tested for Hep. B ealier as well in Feb(rapid) ... For complete STD check ... I don't do IV drugs or haven't had blood to blood contact or any transfusions in past.. No recent surgeries ..,
Can I rule out Viral Hep??? Any other things to check for???

I have stared LIV.52 as advised by one of my frnds.

I wanted to know if i am in deep trouble or would be fine??

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