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To start out one night age 15 I woke up with very bad diarrhea and it never went away and I'm 25 now. It happen not long after huffing to get high which the day i did it the next day my mouth had thrush! Maybe this has something to do with what is wrong with my insides.... idk. Huffing was an one time thing that went bad which i did not tell the doc what happen he just gave me some meds to get the mouth thrush to go away and ever since then my tongue had a white coat which it never had before that. Anyways that was 10 years ago.

I Drink a lot (no drugs or huffing) vodka because anxiety disorder no pills help only alcohol sedates me enough to calm me. Needed appendix out a year ago and doc said my liver was inflamed but did not have time to explain it to me because i needed surgery. A few months after I started to get tightness and swelling in my liver area when i drank booze and would make it kind of hard to breath like some one was giving me a bear hug all day exspecially if i stand up. Laying on my side makes it easier to breath when it happens. Im also in good shape only 145lbs so its not fat. After a few days sober it goes away. But i get soreness and pinching/stinging in random spots in my liver area and clicking feelings when i bend/twist my body a little some times.

I just had an ultrasound and hours after the doc said "nothing of concern" was found on my phone. I did not like that because of my symptoms. The reason my doc had me get the ultrasound was because a week earlier I went in to my doc for my symptoms I described and my blood test said my liver enzymes were like 3.5 times higher than normal. And my lymph nodes are swelled up in my neck. Yet these ultrasound scans some how say I'm fine?

Any ideas? I went 10 days sober before the ultrasound could that be enough to make a inflamed liver go from inflamed to normal? I know I'm not fine my lymph nodes prove it. What should I do" (plz dont say stop drinking) as the cure.
No one could have told me anything that would have convinced me to quite drinking at 25, so I won't preach. This said, the worst part of damaging your liver with alcohol is that once the damage is done, you either have to quit or die, so best to avoid damage in the first place.

Ultrasound will show alcoholic fatty liver quite well, but will not show fibrosis until it is fairly well advanced; thus it is entirely possible to have a normal ultrasound, even when the liver is quite angry from alcoholic inflammation. With enzymes 3X normal, your liver is quite angry indeed.

I had no intention of leaving alcohol when I was your age, but working in the healthcare profession, I knew I didn't want to develop advanced disease either. I managed to switch to light beer and cut back to evenings and weekends only. Went on to drink daily until my mid 50s with I developed chronic alcoholic hep (steatohepatitis).

Don't know how to advise you other than to say, if you wish to continue to use alcohol (either for self medication or enjoyment), you've got to figure out a way to reduce inflammation in your liver. The only way I know of to do this is to modify ones drinking habits to less inflammatory drinking patterns.

I'm not a doctor, but believe alcoholic inflammation is caused not so much by the number of drinks consumed in a day, but rather by how quickly they are consumed and the depth of intoxication that occurs. Many imbibe with alcohol off and on throughout the day, allowing several hours of recovery in between without ever becoming profoundly drunk, and appear to do rather well health-wise. Others stay largely sober during the day but begin hammering down strong drinks in the evening until they are quite blotto. This second group appears to get into trouble with liver disease more often than the first.

Drinking hard liquor allows one to get remarkably drunk, remarkably fast; thus it is known in many circles as "rot-gut" liquor. The advantage of drinking beer (particularly light beer) is that although one can still get quite intoxicated, the depth of intoxication is often substantially less deep. Go off the deep end with hard liquor and you can do remarkable damage in short order. This is less likely (though certainly still possible) with light beer.

I wouldn't wish advanced liver disease on my worst enemy... It's a bad way to go, so what ever it takes and however you can accomplish it, you've got to reduce inflammation. If you're not going to quit, cutting back, particularly to a lower alcohol content beverage is the only way I know of that might work.

Hope this helps.

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