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Hey All,

I'm new to the board and have been trying to get help through my doctors but only recently found one that is actually interested in helping me. However, I'm worried that it is taking too long and very concerned that there is something seriously wrong.

I'll try and make this short:
- I'm 30 and when I was 12 I had my Gallbladder removed via laparoscope due to inflammation, scar tissue buildup, gallstones packed in there and throwing up alot with pain.
- The night after the surgery I had crippling pain in my just below the sternum that radiated throughout my chest, stomach, and back. It's like someones squeezing my insides tight for 20 -30 mins. I usually breakout into sweat, go pale, and feel exhausted after. I also usually have to have a bowel movement when it occurs but it doesn't necessarily relieve it. I don't recall what the nurse said at the time but she wasn't concerned.
- I've had this pain regularly since - about once a month.
- I've been a to a handful of doctors and specialists but failed to receive any advice on how to resolve it nor do they seem to care.

Jumping forward to the last year or so:
- We've done numerous blood tests and found that when I don't have these attacks, my blood results are perfect
- Shortly after my attack (i.e 45 mins), my ALT is 255 and my AST is 301 (not always exactly the same but this was the most recent blood test)
- I've had colonoscopies, ultrasounds, and endoscopies with no real issues other than gastritis.
- Recently tried an MRCP and then an ERCP but they couldnt get through so she referred me to a another specialist.
- He believes it's Sphinicter of Oddi (we tried pancreatic enzymes) but they didnt help and he has given me antispasmodics to take when the attack happens, which don't really help.
- I do have IBS, anxiety and depression (maybe it's a panic attack? Never heard of enzymes going high though)
- I've never been to 100% identify a trigger, however, I'm starting to believe it can some times be sugar.
- We just did a bilary scan in March but waiting to hear back from him. He has also scheduled an MRI of my lower bowel in August

So i failed at making this short and sweet. I've probably left some things out. I live a very healthy lifestyle since I was 12. I'm in great shape, I eat extremely well (low fat, low sugar and salt etc.). I wasn't a big drinker when I did drink.

I'm very concerned and frustrated since I've had this for so long. My fear is that it is my liver but I'm also trying to stay positive and hope that it it's something simple (usually is :D).

Any ideas what this could be? Has anyone had a similar issue?

Thank you in advance,

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